Bass buzzing. Need help or advice

Hello, I bought squier pj bass set, with rumble 15 amp. Now after 3 weeks, when i remove hand from strings it buzzes. Is it shielding/ground problem or could it be something with the amp?
Any advice would be helpful.

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Not sure what you mean exactly by buzz. Is the amp buzzing or what I would call humming? Are your volume knobs all the way up on the bass? Is your treble knob high on the amp?

I always get a little residual sound from my amp and through my headphones. That’s normal and should go away with the strings muted and while playing.

I’m leaning more towards humming, yes both volume knobs are all the way up, sam se the tone knob. On the amp bass, mid and treble are all on 12 o’clock, or on the middle. The hum goes away when i play, or when in touching the strings. When I remove my hand from the strings, or any metal on the bass it starts buzzing again.

I’m just curious because it didn’t happen from the start, so my though process was that ground wire became lose.

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If it’s humming super loudly then perhaps it’s an amp issue but I would be willing to bet if you turn the tone knob down a bit and also decrease the volume slightly the hum will be much less noticeable. Wouldn’t worry about it unless it’s an overwhelming amount of hum

Single coil him is a thing. Welcome to it. Does it go away when you roll the tone down?

Proper shielding/grounding may help a bit, also depends on your environment (esp if a pc or router are nearby).

Remember, in a band setting no one will care about the hum. The isolated sound makes this seem worse than it is.

Many many many threads here on this topic.


thank you, will try it

Maybe it is because of computer, because other times I was playing it was shut down, now it was turned on, I will try it when its turned off.