Bass chord structure for I can feel it ( Kane brown)

Hey guys I’m looking for the bass majors (song structure) for in the air … anyone recommend ? Thank you !


I’ll tell you I felt like a stereotypical d!chicken head when I did a search till I listen to the song. That’s a pretty legit modern country song.

Here’s the chords for the song. You can get the app and just do the isolated bass track.


During the verses you can just follow the descending chord changes from D#m to C#m to B with a few quick changes or hooks you can probably pickup from a TAB on an isolated bass track, The chorus is a pretty simple pedal on the D#m. It doesn’t descend like the verses.

This’ll get you close but to catch some of the subtleties if you want to cover them note for note you’ll have to listen more or get the TAB. Otherwise just create what works for you.


Hey @Vixpix I use Chordify for this kind of thing. It’s free and no download required. The software listens to the song (if it’s on YouTube) and then charts out the chord progression. It also gives you the tempo. You just follow the moving square to keep in time. Easy.

If you get the subscription (like I have) then you can loop certain sections of the song you want to work on. We are living in the future.