Bass Christmas Calendar

Hi there! :christmas_tree:

I live in the “northernmost” region of Italy, i.e. Cologne, Germany, and Christmas is a big deal here. We buy calendars with 24 doors (usually containing chocolate :chocolate_bar:, or Haribo) and open a door every day until Christmas. :dizzy:

Since I cannot sing and just about play, I had the idea to try playing and singing along to a different song every day. To make it easier, I will look up the chords (I have a subscription for Ultimate Guitar Pro), and play root notes to start. I do not aim to learn the songs, my goal is to practice playing & singing at the same time. :man_singer: :singer:


:gift: I’ll try to update the list. The plus signs indicate how well the singing went for me. :grin:

  1. Smell’s Like Teen Spirit (A lesson by Josh!)
  2. Don’t Dream It’s Over by Crowded House +
  3. Deep Purple - Smoke on the Water (Audio) - Open that door to bass goodness. :smiley:
  4. Today we travel with Toto to Africa! ++
  5. Bob Marley sings no woman, no cry on the first day it snowed here! +
  6. I hope you had a nice Saint Nicolas’ Day! If not, try to Always Look on the Bright Side of Life! +++
  7. Queen sings I want to Break Free, so we can go out there and have fun! ++
  8. On this winter’s day we go California Dreamin’ +
  9. Band Aid '84 - Do They Know It’s Chrismas (lyrics video)? +
  10. Alice Merton - No Roots - Tricky rhythm, great fun to play!
  11. We’re Smashing Pumpkins in 1979 ++
    Happy 3rd Advent :christmas_tree: :dizzy:
  12. Police Helicopter - John Holt - A Reggae classic. Love the rhythm and the tone, though it’s tricky to sing along! o
  13. You Really Got Me - The Kinks
  14. White Christmas - Elvis Presley ++
  15. Folsom Prison Blues - Johnny Cash +
  16. La Grange (2005 Remaster) – ZZ Top +
  17. Christmas With You - Johnny Cash & June Carter Cash +++
  18. Du hast - Rammstein - Difficult to really stay in the groove and sing along, but fairly easy if you just want to hit the “Du hast” +
  19. Feliz Navidad - José Feliciano +++
  20. My Girl - The Temptations
  21. Sunrise - Norah Jones - A beautiful bass line, smooth and “easy” ++
  22. Stand by Me - Ben E. King - The bass line is easy to learn, the singing follows it - and yet it is hard for me to sing along! :grin:
  23. A Whiter Shade of Pale - Procul Harum - bit of walking bass, and a beautiful line it is :smiley:
  24. Maria Tambíen - Khruangbin - Well, this one looks easy, but it’s tough to be so groovy +++

Merry Christmas! That’s it from me here. It was fun to pick a song a day and while my singing hasn’t improved really, my ear for pitch and figuring out lines has, so that’s good. :christmas_tree: :dizzy: :gift: :chocolate_bar:


Very awesome concept, great idea.
Good luck?

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Hello from the most Western part of Siberia, i.e. Berlin, Germany :wink:
Great idea, but are you going to share your advent calendar? Are we gonna hear you sing? :blush:


Now that you say that, I might record a couple of things, hadn’t thought of that :laughing:


Soo, a bit of an update on my progress. I feel a bit insecure uploading any recordings… I had some success in “speaking” the lines to Africa and recorded it. It’ll be great fun to listen to that later on.

It usually takes me a second to hit a note. :laughing: I’m doing this calendar because I started in a local choir and it is amazing how the teacher/conductor gets people like me to, well, sing something.

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