Bass for a specific song

Odd question but here goes. I’m trying to play the bass for Familiar Taste of Poison by Halestorm but what’s out there (tab & sheet) is limited & not fully accurate. I have the beginning & middle down pretty good but I can’t figure some of it even from listening carefully. If I could see it then I could get it. From what I can surmise it’s played with tuning C-G-C-F.

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@erniehaak The title of this topic is a little confusing. If you change it to something like…

Transcription: Familiar Taste of Poison

…it should get more attention.

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Are you asking if anyone here knows this song? Doubtful, but maybe? If you really want to hear a bass track the best way to do it is:

  1. buy the song
  2. use a service such as to separate the song into 5 different isolated lines (bass, drums, guitar, vocal, other)
    3)download the isolated bass track and bassless mix
    4)upload the tracks into a DAW such as GarageBand

This way you can listen to just the bass. It’ll help clarify the parts that you’re having trouble hearing in the mix.


Thank you. I wasn’t aware of Moises and will try that in order to hear the finer details of the bass in that song.


An acurate version can be found on (This is a direct link: Halestorm_Familiar-Taste-Of-Poison_v2_3_p)

You can either play it directly with Tonelin Jam or create a Guitar Pro GP5 file with Tonelib Jam. Tonelib Jam is great and can be tested freely for 30 days…

I’m a big fan!


Thank you. I appreciate it & will try it.


I uploaded a screen capture of the track in 3d mode:
(Tabs can be seen on the bottom of the screen though).

The bass starts at 1:29.

There is also a “normal” view mode that shows essentially only the tabs and the notes without the Rocksmith-like 3d stuff.

I quite like the 3d mode for learning…

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That’s awesome. Thanks. I didn’t know that was available. Guess I need to do start doing more research. Cheers.


I also uploaded this video to show 3d, edit and view mode:

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I really appreciate that you provided a U-Tube video of ToneLib Jam for Familiar Taste of Poison by Halestorm. Made playing it simplistic. I think I need to get this app. but fear I may no longer have the ability to set it up.

Do you have the bass for Great White’s Save your Love?

Thanks again & cheers.


Hi Ernie,

I have just download Great White’s Save your Love and will create a YouTube video later.

Questions: do you want 3d / gaming mode (guess not) or tab mode?

Gaming mode:

Normal tab mode:

And: do you need larger or smaller font sizes so you can read the tabs properly?

PS What do you mean with " I may no longer have the ability to set it up"? Any way I can help remotely?

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Ok, I created this video:

Is that OK for you, @erniehaak? Little pro tip from a guy with bad eye sight: if you have a smart TV you can play it directly on TV (via the YouTube app) and jam along!

The direct link for the PSARC to be used in Tonelib Jam or Rocksmith is: Great-White_Save-Your-Love_v1_1_p.psarc - Google Drive


Starting to wonder if Tonelib Jam is just wacky and thinks all songs have tons of tempo changes like that :rofl:

That basically never ever happens, frequent +/- 1bpm tempo changes - just not a thing.


@howard - I can’t really say. Proposal: name one song you really know well. I will create a YouTube video and you can judge if it is correct or not?

PS The “issue” (if it is one) seems to be in either GoPlayAlong (which I use for synchronizing) or the CustomsForge tools (which I use for PSARC creation), not ToneLib jam itself…

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Hello Chris.

Thank you so much for doing that. The “3D Game Mode” is pretty cool and along with the tab on the bottom it works very well. Font size is ok since my eyesight isn’t too bad. Yet!

What I meant is that I’m concerned it’s going to be a complicated program with factors that are difficult to understand or navigate. Things like bringing a song into it. How hard is it? What sources can you take them from & what format? Most of my music library was purchased on iTunes & sits on my Apple devices (iPhone, iPad & MacBook Air). How difficult is it to create or manipulate something similar to what you did for me? At my age my patience & ability for computer related issues is not what it once was. Lol.


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@erniehaak so, it is quite easy to import the tracks from
There are currently 69,257 FREE (!!!) songs on that site.

Many are in good quality, some s#ck!

It’s just a matter of downloading the PSARC files and loading them into ToneLib Jam.
If the track is loaded you are already good to go. Of course you can do a lot of other interesting stuff (Effects etc.), but that’s learning by doing.

If the track you want does not exist there, it gets a little complicated. I use songster guitar pro files (or GP files I find elsewhere), but it takes some effort to synchronize the tabs to the audio.

Here is where @howard complains about the synchronization :slight_smile:

The issue is that most GP tabs that I found are not perfectly synchronized to the audio tracks, so the need to be synched - either manually or with GoPlayalong.
And than funny stuff shows up, but this has no negative effect on the value of the track itself for practicing, in my opinion.
Maybe @howard disagrees???!

It sounds like you should NOT go the complicated route. But I am happy to create some tracks for you if you cannot find them on and if this does not escalate in something regular…

If you want to, I can create your top 3 tracks as a YouTube videos. In 3d mode. Just post a list here!

If you want to use Tonelib Jam yourself, I am happy to do a video call and explain remotely how it works. I do that all the time for computer related stuff with my girlfriends parents, so no problem! I can even do it in English, but with a Dutch accent :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Note: I live in the “old” European time zone, so we would need to find a sweet spot where we are both awake enough :slight_smile:

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I think everything is just fine except the time notation in the tab itself.

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@howard - so I tried to synch about ten different tracks from Songster. NONE of them were synchronised properly to the original audio.
That’s an interesting find and I think you could replicate it by using Guitar Pro 8, where you can load an audio file in addition to the tabs. You’ll see that there are not many tabs that match the original audio.

Just for fun I had a look at the original Rocksmith files, which were synched “professionally”. None of them had NO tempo changes.

So, that was an interesting exercise, as I found that I cannot trust tabs if I want them to be synchronised to the original audio ^^

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Save Your Love, Great White, in 3d/Gaming Mode:

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I whole heartedly thank you for this & before I get into the whole ToneLib thing & frustrate myself, I will take you up on that offer for providing me with my top 3 songs. Very much appreciated.

The Dutch accent is not a problem because if you can see my last name “Haak”, it’s Dutch. Both my parents are/were from Amsterdam & in fact I’m taking my mother back there in March for her 90th birthday. I understand a fair bit of Dutch & speak a little. The time difference is why email works a bit better. :blush:

Please let me know when the Great White song is on YouTube & I will give you three songs I want to learn. I wanted to play bass since I was 14 & life got in the way. Now I play the bass (as well as I can) at our family summer barbecues ever since my father passed away.

Bedankt Chris.

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