Bass giveaway - Charles Berthoud


If anyone is interested in this kind of stuff. Charles started a new contest to play a “bass battle” (responding to his phrases) with him. You can play any instrument you like.
I don’t think anyone of us B2B students will actually win, but there are 3 (4) prizes:

  1. Prize: BITE Bass worth more than 1000$
  2. Prize: Glarry Bass
  3. Prize: CDs/Tapping Book by Charles
    Extra Prize for Lefties: Donner Guitar

Youtube video: I'm giving away my instruments. - YouTube
Contest link: BITE Bass Contest - Charles Berthoud

As he says on the contest website:
“Don’t be afraid to upload something if you feel like a beginner - it will be a great experience anyway!”
I see it the same way that it’ll be good practice/a good experience and will try to submit something. We’ll see.


I got nothing on that, but really like Charles berthoud. Not only is he a truly gifted musician, hes also incredibly funny and down to earth.

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