BASS IQ Triple Envelope Filter

Not really into pedals much yet, but this thing seems pretty gnarly…

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Okay. I went into this expecting this video would be a lot of “meh”. Whatever, maybe I’ll learn something.

I was so wrong. Usually an Evelope Filter leaves me less than flat but this thing seems to preserve the bass-ness so well. What a cool pedal.

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in fact an “envelope filter” is a frequency filter controled by the envelope, which means the dynamics of the signal. the more the signal is high, the more the filter will be activated. but nobody said that an envelope filter had to cut lows :slight_smile: it’s often a band-pass filter (like a wha wha) but it could be a low-pass filter as well :slight_smile:

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What does it mean that you can adjust the filter to be Full Range, Band Pass, or Low Pass?

what I was saying is that the envelope tracking and the filter are two separate things, and so when you say “envelope filter” it does not mean that it will eat all your lows :grin:

but in the case of this pedal, the “mode” switch seems to change the way the envelope is used to control the filter, and the “filter” switch has several posititions including BP (band pass, like a wah wah) and LP (low pass, like the tone control on a passive bass).


Cool. Thanks @terb!

Another reason that one sounds so bassy is they were running an octaver in front of it :slight_smile:

Well for the first couple minutes anyway.

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