Bass looping artists - do they exist?


I’m a big fan of Tash Sultana (below) which made me wonder if there are any similar artists but who loop/layer bass to produce one man band music, live?


I might have seen these guys here in the forum or somewhere else - who knows? Anyway, here is an example with a bass player using loops for all the non-vocal music:


Whoa that bass - 7-string? It’s gorgeous.


Damn, that’s great. Inspiring stuff. Think I’m gonna invest in some looping gear.


Oh, yeah, almost forgot: here is one of my favorite bass players, Frans Vollink, playing his tune Tapatah. You can’t really see him use any looping gear here, but he plays a chordal structure for about the first 50 seconds, and then loops it and plays a melody and a solo on top. Beautiful, in any case (just a pity the clip stops a little abruptly…)


Cool @joergkutter!


Wow, that’s a great subtle use of the looper. Beautiful.

I wish I were better with my looper pedal. They are actually kind of tricky to get the timing right on if you don’t have a drum track going. Or it could be that my time counting just sucks :stuck_out_tongue:


Couple more Ailia X tracks, s’good stuff :sunglasses: