Bass on the road

Hey All,

New bass player here, and fulltime van-lifer. I’ve got two questions for ya’ll:

  1. Is there anyway of downloading the beginner to badass videos to a phone? Due to the nomadic nature of my travelling, a consistent internet connection is a rarity…

  2. Any recommendations for a battery powered amp (already have a Vox headphone amp)

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


IDK if you can download it to a phone. I think you could screen record it when you are around wifi and replay it later???

This is a cool headphone amp. One member said they had it and it worked will. it is cool cuz you can bluetooth songs, backing tracks. and drum tracks, whatever so you can play along without another wire. I have only really heard good things about NUX (pronounces NEW-X)

Welcome to the BassBuzz forum. If you go to the Introduce yourself thread that is pinned to the home page of the forum, you will get a warm welcome, and you can ask these questions where more people will read it and answer back.


Welcome @Robinjohns

For obvious reasons, there is no way to download any of the lessons. You might be able to screen capture on your phone, IDK.

There are lots of options for battery powered amps out there. I can’t name any specifically, but I’m sure others will.

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Unfortunately nope!

I think you’re better off with the Vox than any of the little battery amps with speakers. I trashed the Blackstar Fly 3 in this review video:

What I do if I really need sound in the room on the road is run the output on my Vox into my little Bluetooth speaker (UE Boom 2). Sounds better to me than the tiny little “bass amps”.


Hi @JoshFossgreen,
Have you had the opportunity to view any of my covers?
I wouldn’t mind a bit of feedback on how you think my progression is coming along.
Cheers Brian


Can’t get a better answer than from the man at the top - appreciate it (and what you’re doing for the bass community.) Just ordered the UE Boom 2 and look forward to progressing through the Beginner to Badass series!

Time to park up somewhere with decent signal, and jam out.



Sorry I haven’t Brian, I have pretty minimal time for forum stuff so I usually only find things if you tag me directly. Tag me on the next one and I’ll try to take a look!


You could get the DVD version of the lessons and a little portable DVD player. I’m sure space is limited in the van and more stuff might not be the first choice, but should work for however long the course takes you. However you make it work, the van living bass playing life sounds pretty badass to me!