Bass Player Mag

So I’m in pretty deep now learning bass and music in general, so when I was at a newsstand, I went straight to the music section. And was pleasantly surprised to find Bass Player magazine - wow, I thought this would be too much of a niche to warrant a mag, or maybe the internet had done away with such things. Does anyone else like it, or know of any other publications similar to it?

I’ve only skimmed through it so far, but it’s kind of nice after only using internet based things. Also, beware the ads in there, especially if you get GAS easily, every kind of bass accessory is out there. What’s cool too is that I actually understand what the articles are saying - just from reading these forums and B2B, just built up a good music/bass vocabulary now :slight_smile:

Oh yeah, bonus for you @howard - Hooky is featured on the cover (Sept '19), with an interview inside!


Oh cool! I like reading bassplayer online:

thanks for the tip, checking it out now :slight_smile:

edit: $25 to order it here, think I will hit up local bookstores in a couple weeks to see if they get it. More fun that way anyway :slight_smile:


I’ve been a Bass Player subscriber at different times of my life - and I still cherish the transcription pages. Their transcriber is real real good, and the tunes they choose are killer bass tunes - ones that I’ve often not heard before. I keep my transcription archives in a binder for practice.
It’s worth the price of each issue just for that!