Bass player's coffee mug

Hi Guys
I design mugs. I have done a few musical ones including the circle of fifths, guitar and ukulele chords etc
I am thinking of designing a bass mug containing info for bass players.
I can put things like the notes on the fretboard or fretboard patterns for scales or playing the blues etc.
What would you like to see on the bass player’s mug?


(warning - not a serious response:)

My bass player’s “mug” would be a thermally protected, heated backpack capable of holding and heating up to 12 shots of espresso.
It would be slim and black so I could wear it at even the most formal of events.
A straw/hose would go under the shirt, over the shoulder. There would be a footswitch I could install as part of my pedal board that would inject, sip by sip, steamed, foamed milk into each sip (if I needed a bit of the cappuccino action).

So… not as much a mug, as a survival, gig-ready Espresso-Pak™

I charge all the inventors and savvy folks on this forum with building this.


Maybe you can somehow interlink the circle of 5ths with this?


My overly quick first glance at that made me groan and inwardly say “oh gee! I thought the circle of fifths was simpler than that!”.

Now that I know it’s coffee I understand it better and it seems simpler because I love the beans.


What did you end up with?

I was thinking along the lines of a few versions of; “I like my coffee how I like my bass: …”.

Maybe; “Dark, fluid and on the front of my shirt.”

I have all the gear for printing and pressing. but haven’t done anything more than put it all in storage (mostly under beds). My plan was for retro/kitsch/midmod stuff for our business to sell, but some music related designs would be a good idea. Maybe band merchandise eventually :star_struck: Currently it’s very expensive dust collecting equipment.


This is my coffee mug…