Bass problems

I think there is something wrong with my bass, it’s not that of an expensive bass. But when I go set up at some churches and turn the bass knobs up, it makes like a loud windy noise? This doesn’t happen to other places, it works fine when I turn the knobs up at my main church? Any idea why? Could it be something wrong with the knobs?


It’s pretty common. It’s grounding issue. This happens when you turn up the tone knobs right. If so you can just turn it down till you don’t hear the static, it will work in a pinch then work on shielding up and fix the ground issues. Many things can cause the statics and hums, mainly lighting.

Do the search on this forum there are quite a few discussions here already.


Al knows more about this than I do, I just thought I’d add my tip below.

You can also try to get a Direct Box to limit static and noise from other sources.