Bass Project: Live Krautrock Performance

By Bass Project.

Hi, I’m a new bass player. In Australia. I’m really excited to be here, part of this community.

I’m learning to play bass, as a project.

Towards the end of this year, (November-December), I’ll be releasing an album of uptempo fully electronic kroutrock-dance tracks on a little record label in my home town.

I created that music on hardware drum machines, synths, sequencers… the music is finished. It was fun.

In the past, I have performed this kind of music a lot… but now I want a new challenge.

So at the launch night party for my new record… I’ll be performing this album, live, AS A BAND, in front of about 100-200 people at a cool club in the city. That’s my vision.

I’ll convert the electronic music in a rock band type thing… Two friends of my play synth and guitar, me playing bass. I’ll find a drummer closer to the date.

Yesterday, I bought a bass, a bass amp. I also finished the beginner free BassBuzz lessons.

I can play guitar, synths and produce music, so I’ve got some significant musical experience to build on. I’m starting the (paid) BassBuzz lessons today.

And we’re having band rehearsal once fortnightly.

I’ll be updating this thread regularly with progress… feel free to follow along, ask any questions or whatever!


(new bass)


… don’t help too much unfortunately :frowning: :smiley: , but good luck


Welcome to BAB and the forums. Sounds like a plan.

Have you ever played in a band before yourself, 'cause I wonder if you did: when you want to sound rocksolid on stage get your drummer first and play with him a lot, I mean an eval lot.
It’s not like arranging music on a PC: you can’t turn a knob to let someone play faster, different timing, slow down or on the exact beat rpm every time and every hit of the drum…: you need to get to know each other.

Or do you take a professional studio drummer on board just for this gig? That will work, but I doubt (s)he will play for free and the fun of it?

At least, if you don’t want it to sound like a machine but as a life band. So what is gou goal, in that respect?
Love to follow your updates :+1:


Welcome @K54!


Hi @RemcoRG, thanks for the comment, and thanks for the perspective.

This will be my first ‘live band’ experience.

For now, we’re practicing with a drum machine and stems.

For the final gig, yeah, a live drummer will be important. I’m open to paying someone for sure. The idea of drum machine AND live drummer is interesting to me right now… we’ll see!

I’ll keep you posted

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Could just skip the live drummer if needed. Nothing wrong with playing live with a drum machine. Especially for that genre :slight_smile:


Then go full life: get that drummer in asap and play with both, drummer and drummachine, at the same gig. Then you’ll get the most out of it. Besides trying them both early on, give you the possibility to make the best choice for your gig.
You might be in for a surprise playing with a drummer :zipper_mouth_face:
I know what my preference is :facepunch:


welcome aboard @K54,
enjoy the ride,
where is Australia ?? , if your in Melbourne i may come and see you play,
Cheers Brian


Yeah, for sure @howard . That is an option. It could totally work.

Right now I’m focusing on getting competent with bass, and organising the band


The main performance will be in Melbs, @TNKA36!

I live in the Adelaide Hills, but I’m a Victorian.

Have you been out to any shows since lockdown?

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No @K54,
We are going to see James Reyna at crown in august👍,
And Cowboy Junkies early next year as they have rescheduled their 2019 concert.
Let me know where your playing👍
Cheers Brian



So it’s been a good first week. I’m up to Module 3.4 with the lessons.

I’ve started braking down the first song that we’re going to work out with live band arrangement. First rehearsal / jam next Saturday. I think we’re all pretty excited, I know I am.

About 6 months until the performance.