Bass purchase advice - Brazil

Hello everyone! Hope you all are having a great weekend.

So, I’m probably getting a new bass in a month or so, hence I have started my research.

Disclaimer: I live in Brazil and gear in general here is very expensive and somewhat limited (in options). Besides, experimenting with basses will be not an option for a long time since we are… struggling, to say the least, with COVID-19.

So, the two basses that I’ve been thinking until now are the Yamaha TRBX304 (very well reviewed by Josh himself) and the Squier Classic Vibe 70s Jaguar Bass.

Right now, the Yamaha is going by ~420 dollars, and the Squier goes by ~570 dollars.

So, what I would like to hear from you is: if they were the same price, which one would you choose? I mean, the price difference is considerable in my currency but I’m willing to pay for the more expensive one if it is worth it. However, I’m having some trouble finding reliable reviews for the Squier. If we are honest, what got my attention regarding it is the fact that it is visually perfect for me, I love its design. The Yamaha is obviously not ugly or anything, but I don’t quite love it so much in terms of looks.

Do you have any opinion or reviews you can share that I can trust in? Anything I should be aware about one of the two options?

I’m totally taking suggestions too, although I really can’t guarantee that I will find whatever is suggested for sale.

Pictures below (first Squier, then Yamaha):

Thank you very much!


Welcome to Bass Buzz @gabrielcvendrasco

That is a tough one to get an answer for. They are both fine instruments.
Fender lovers would tell you go with the Jaguar, and Yamaha lovers will tell you go with the TRBX.
I can tell you, I had a Jaguar, and it was a very nice bass, and fun to play, but I sold it because I am more of a Stingray guy. That said, I would probably say get the Jaguar, but again, I can’t say for sure about the TRBX because, I have never played one.

also, the best way to know would be to go try them Both and see which feels best to you.


I’ll put in a vote for the Yamaha. I have the TRBX504 and I love the neck on it, it’s very playable. (As far as I know the 304 and 504 have the same body, the difference is in the electronics.) Considering it’s less expensive and comes with a BB recommendation it’s the one I’d choose between the two you posted. You can always add stickers and a strap to give it a visual boost. :wink:


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enjoy the ride,
Buying a bass is a personal choice, I have numerous Fender basses and I also have Yamaha basses.
Both are really good brands.
If I were you I would try and get to the retail outlets and have a feel of both basses? This will tell you what is right for you.
We in Melbourne are in similar situation regarding Covid 19, so I can appreciate it may be difficult to do this.
Hope this helps.
Cheers Brian


Welcome @gabrielcvendrasco
It’s quite a tough call. It sounds as though you’ve already got a bit of a soft spot for the Jaguars already but I also understand your concerns about making the right choice.
When I started playing bass I really struggled around the Fender style necks finding them too wide and chunky so I opted for an Ibanez which is very similar in looks to the Yamaha.
As @b.s.excavations has said if you can try a few basses it would be an advantage. If the restrictions make it too difficult it’s really down to what you really want with your head and your heart.


A lot comes down to the styles of music you like as well. The Squier is more classic and the Yamaha more modern. This is a pretty small difference though for while you’re learning, much more so for a long term bass choice after you know what you’re looking for.

One huge difference is the Jag is medium scale (32") and the TRBX is full scale (34"). If you want a medium scale bass then that answers the question.

If it were me, I would go for the Yamaha 100% in this case. I’ve owned one (that color, even) and the quality is top notch. It looks amazing and plays great. I liked it so much that when time came to upgrade, I went with another TRBX. I would especially never pay more for the Jag than the Yamaha.

But YMMV and if you’re looking for a classic sounding bass it’s hard to beat the P pickup. And if you want a medium scale instead of a full scale, there’s only one choice between those two.


Welcome to the community @gabrielcvendrasco!


Yikes! The prices for basses in Brazil make bass prices in Vietnam seem almost reasonable.


Everyone, thank you so much for the warm reception and the advice, which I highly appreciate!

I’ll sleep on the ideas and suggestions for a couple weeks and then I’ll make a decision. Right now I’m trying to find an opportunity to test the basses, which would be very helpful, of course. But if I can’t get a chance to do it, I feel better knowing that I now have a bunch of opinions I can trust to help me decide :slight_smile:

I look forward to getting more involved with the community.

See you all!


Stay safe, friend!

Thank you for the advice.