Bass slapping on the violin?

For all I know, you can slap a bass guitar or an electric guitar.
but a violin?
I was pretty sure this is fake.

Just search for
" My challenge for the amazing bass player Davie504" on youtube.

This guy is challenging our master Davie504.

can you tell me if this is real?


I can’t tell 100% but I think it’s real.
It’s tuned down a lot compared to a the violin tuning so the string tension isn’t as high.
I don’t think it’s that much different from slapping a ukulele and I personally like Davies own version of slap violin better. He uses the body for percussion and double thumb.

It technically is slapping the violin but to be honest I don’t think it sounded good.


yes, I watched it again i think it is real.
But here’s a new post from her like a studio version thingy

Is there such thing as an active piezo pickup? because I know for i acoustic instruments, they use piezo than electro magnetic ones. or is this a studio magic?

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youtube watch?v=m4wW7KeU768

actually, i just found a piezo for bass,
I’m asking this because I want to do the same thing for my sister’s cello.

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My ubass has a piezo with active electronics. And music man’s full scale bongo bass used to have an optional piezo bridge.

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And then there’s also this:

It produces this nightmarish sound:

That thing looks like something a hostile alien race would attach to the body of a StarTrek crew member, to control thoughts, lol. And it sounds like that, too.

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It definitely has a very H.R. Giger look to it.



That was the comparison lingering in the back of my mind. I thought that design had a certain flair that reminded me of something. Giger - I agree.

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