Bass spotted!

Do you guys have books, games or shows where the bass features in some special way?
Guitar has a ton of appearances (Back to the Future movies, guitar-playing minigame in Fahrenheit videogame) but bass is obviously a rare feature.

I’d like to recommend you check out Scott Pilgrim! It’s a series of comicbooks that was adapted into a movie and a sequel animated tv show by Edgar Wright.
The main character plays bass in a local band and even has a bass-battle with another player (it’s more of a literal battle though).
But especially in the new Netflix animated series Scott Pilgrim Takes Off there’s a magical sequence: a drummer invites her friend to join her on bass. The friend has no real experience other than loving music, but they create a magical moment together. It gave me chills and felt really special. It’s Episode 3 around minute 9.

Edit: adding video!

Do you guys have any recommendations like that? I don’t mean a bass standing in the back of a room in a movie, but being a star of the show for a moment or two.


This was the one I thought of (technically air bass I guess):

From I love you, man


I post at least once a year that Scott Pilgrim Vs The World is the best movie about bass ever made :rofl:

Whoa, so Knives and Kim were friends before the action in the movie? I didn’t know that.

Both were awesome characters though they didn’t really do Kim justice. Actor was perfect though.

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The animated series is more of a sequel. This scene takes place at the same time as the original movie.

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As a kid, I liked this ridiculous series Weird Science (about a super girl computer-generated by two nerds, who grants wishes like a geenie). In one episode, nerds become rock stars and one of the two main characters plays the bass (and he is lead!).

Another childhood memory is the kids’ series The Adventures of Pete and Pete (from Nickelodeon). In one of the episodes, younger Pete starts a garage band with their school’s janitor as lead guirarist and their math teacher on bass (she had a sticker with the letter pi on her bass, lol).

It was years ago, but I’ve basically always been in a team bass, so I remember these rare bass moments.


I watched Scott Pilgrim on new years eve with my family. I don’t know why I had never seen it before, but we loved it. Great movie.


Go and check out the animated series! It’s actually a sequel to the movie!

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From the movie! If you haven’t seen it, you must :slight_smile:

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