Bass Tabs for You’ve Got Everything Now

Hello. I’m new here. I was looking for reliable tabs for You’ve Got Everything Now by The Smiths. I had already found a few tabs online but they were all slightly different to each other so I came here to ask if anyone could point me to some reliable tabs.


Welcome! If you find a reliable source I would love to know too. Some genres are just hard - I run in to this a lot with post-punk.


There is a tab on ultimate guitar pro… Not sure if its one of their official ones though, they have user made ones but it had 12 5 star reviews… You can get a free trial… I find it a pretty good source.

Oh by the way just a warning it isnt working on some browsers like chrome they are working on it atm… It works fine on firefox and mobile for me so its ok for me.


Welcome @anshim01!


Songsterr has one:

No idea how reliable it is… I’d say: start with the one that seems closest to the original, and then adjust that to your liking :slightly_smiling_face: Good luck!