Bass Teachers - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly?

What is the guitar site?

Lots of content, but is a subscription so stay as long or as short as you like. The only real downside is there is no way to see any progress or easily get back to where you were last time you logged in. I started a Notepad doc, where I now where I’m up to and add comments about the lesson.

It jumps around a lot, but think that’s on purpose. Kinda like how Josh says to move on even if you can’t do medium or hard workouts, the idea is to learn snippets and then play. I’m currently about 3/4 through the level 2.

Most of the songs are half play along and half just you with the backing track.

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So, I’ve had a weekly private guitar teacher for about 8 months. I choose him because he charged a higher rate at $60/wk (1 hour), and makes himself available to teach a wide range of things at a high level.

I’m not at a high level, but I thought that experience would be worth paying for my progress. Long story short with guitar, I had ups and downs with my own commitment but saw great gains through his “practice regiment” and “riff suggestions.” It feels great having someone being just generally in your corner looking out for what will help you the most, and doing any grunt work to help you through anything.

So given his classical guitar and blues/jazz/rock background, I asked if he’d be ok with teaching bass, he said he had done it before and he was cool with it, first two lessons have gone great sometimes we just play together and he talks about notes to aim for or avoid, lots of cool insight as he runs a band and actively vets bassists.

The cost is above average, but I found someone who I genuinely like talking to and respect. I just wish I was better so he could “flex” his teaching more. I have learned a LOT of self-correcting behavior from him about how to focus and tackle obstacles! No regrets.


Not sure where you live, but $60/hr is a bargain and a half in the NYC area. $100 is going rare then up from there.

Everything is relative (major and minor :upside_down_face:)


I’m in Michigan and there was a ton of people on thumbtack and other sites asking for $30-40 that seemed like recent college grads, generally younger people.

$60+ was the beginning of people which actual career resumes that were willing/preferred to teach in person. At $100/hr I would only pursue if I was at a high level needing some specific expertise! Life in the big city is rough :wink:

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That is insane. So much for putting things in a price range that will encourage new players :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thank god for the B2B Bass course and people like Justin Sandercoe at