Bass tuning

So, I was tuning my bass, and I ?heard a popping noise. The string hadn’t broken, but the tuning peg won’t work anymore. Any ideas on how to fix it? Advice for the future? Just, Please help.


Welcome to the Forums, @123Alefantastic . . . :slight_smile:

What kind of bass is it? And what kind of tuner pegs are they (open or enclosed)? Some pics would be helpful, if you can post any.

Perhaps the teeth got jammed, or one of them has broken. You may have to take the tuner peg apart and/or replace it.

All best, Joe


Hey @123Alefantastic, welcome to the forum! I’m not sure what that popping noise way, pics or more info would be helpful like @Jazzbass19 said! Sounds like something in the tuning machine is busted…