Bass weight differences within the same model

If you were going to buy a new bass sight unseen, and you went to the Sweetwater sight and saw quite a weight spread (over a pound) within different basses of the same model, would you go heavier or lighter if you were looking for the better playing and sounding instrument and not really concerned about he weight being to heavy or light physically for you.

This Schecter Omen Extreme 4 shown here isn’t what I’m thinking of getting but it illustrates my point because they have 4 of them… (I want an Schecter SLS Elite 4 in black fade burst btw :heart_eyes:)

Sadly I seem to live in a black hole for well stocked music stores, most tend to lean toward the high school band and orchestra product lines. So being able to actually play something I’m specifically interested in an extreme long shot if I want to go try something out. I made the hour drive to the “local” Guitar Center a few week ago and was less than impressed with the selection of basses. Most of the smaller shops have a very limited inventory (1 to 3 basses) as well. Plus the next closest decent local small shop is an hour in the other direction. We had one shop in town run by a GREAT guy, but he died of Covid last fall and they ended up closing the shop down permanently last week :disappointed_relieved: (RIP Matt).

The struggle is real


Generally a heavier bass will have a bit more sustain with a warmer tone than a lighter one would, but (like everything else) it’s all subjective . . . :slight_smile:



A heavier bass also wears on your shoulders. How much is the heavier one? If it’s around 8-9 pounds probably doesn’t matter as far as tiring you out


If you’re concerned about weight, I’ve found that a wider strap can make all the difference in the world with regard to how the bass feels on your shoulder.


The heaviest is less than 9 pounds; I don’t think weight will be a factor.

I like the wood grain on the second model myself. Pick the better looking one is my advice


Also call if you order. I have Kyle Austin as my rep, he’s always discounted the web price


I second the idea that these are all light enough not to matter weight wise. I’d pick the wood grain you like best.


This is what I would also vote for, pick the one that looks best.
You also don’t know how accurate the dude with the scale is weighing basses all day…“hey, where did my coffee go, oh there it is”


And I thought the weight of my Les Paul was up there.
The weight of a Bass surprised me when I started but my 4 1/2 " padded strap makes all the difference, especially when you’re 71 :slightly_smiling_face:

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If you’re healthy and strong, this is most likely true.

However, if you have any spine/muscle/joint issues, your body will be more cooperative the lighter you go. Shaving off over a pound of weight switching from my hubby’s Fender to my Yamaha (and finding the appropriate strap) did a lot to help me play longer and more comfortably.

I’m still looking for my unicorn :unicorn: : something 7 lbs or lighter.

Hollow bodies are pretty light, and I think this one is too

They definitely exist, even for full scale, though usually around 8 pounds. Warwick Rockbass Streamers are about 3.4kg, so close. Same with my TRBX604 at ~3.5, it’s about a pound lighter than the 304/504. Lots of lighter Ibanez.

7 might be a stretch without going short scale but you can probably get close.

This is 6 1/2 pounds

Ok, I got the scale out (sorry rest of the world, we tried the metric system in the 1970s and it didn’t stick…

2lbs 7oz - Kala U-Bass Exotic. Mahogany
7lbs 12oz - ESP LTD RB-1004 (Rocco Prestia designed)
7lbs 12oz - Gretsch G5123B Hollowbody
8lbs 9oz - Fender Vintera 50’s P
9lbs 0oz - Fender Custom Shop ‘61 P reliced
9lbs 4oz - Sterling Ray4 (heavily modded, Sims pickups)
9lbs 6oz - Yamaha TRBX305 5-string
9lbs 9oz - EB MM Stingray Special BFR HH Dargie’s Delight
9lbs 14oz - ESP LTD Frank Bello
10lbs 2oz - Squire 70’s Classic Vibe (heavily modded)

Of the group the only ones I have ever noticed being heavy or light before weighing are the RB-1004 (light end) and the Bello/Squire (heavy end). Everything else kinda feels the same to me.

That is an interesting guitar. It reminds me a little of the Hofner shorty but a more appealing design.

I missed out on a 504 that was just over 7 lbs. months ago :sob:, and when they became scarce at the beginning of The Lockdowns™ I decided I couldn’t be too picky and bought what was available.

I have been eyeing Ibanez models recently but I haven’t found one that I like better than my Yamaha.

Short-scale. :no_good_woman:t2:
But :+1:t2: for pink and seafoam. :heart_eyes_cat:

Yeah, that’s right about where the Rockbasses and TRBX-604 sits too, at least mine. Love light basses.

The BB734A is 4.1kg, or 9 pounds even.

I think if you look for headless basses that they are light

I like the pink or seafoam bass even if it is SS