Bass Whammy Bar

Glenn Fricker in action with a whammy on bass. Demo starts at around 8:30.

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You know, for a guy who famously hates drum sampling, Glenn’s drum samples sound pretty good :rofl:

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Woof! I haven’t seen Mr. Fricker before, and don’t know if he usually (or sometimes) plays bass. But even to my little old beginning bassist ears, he does not seem like a bassist. I did not enjoy his playing. Maybe some of it was the bass itself.

And what’s up with “trem-OH-lo?” Does anyone actually pronounce it that way? :astonished:

I found this video, which I like better. He is a bassist, shows how he uses the effect. Video is by Kahler, to promote their trem-uh-loh bar:

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I have this…

…bass never goes out of tune and its a LOT of fun.


He’s a tool who likes to bash bassists.


That guy has some serious nice gear

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He’s both. He’s a sound engineer, and a bassist, and he really likes to bash bass players :rofl:

His videos without his schtick are actually quite good.

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exactly, he’s just another guy pushing a fake youtube persona instead of just standing on his own. which he’s knowledgeable enough to do.

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I like his shows. From all the Youtubers he seems the most down to earth. Even if he is playing in character.

The amount of butthurt in his shows is unreal. I also don’t understand why people get so upset or do feel the urge to share a negative opinion in his channel. If you don’t like the show you can just watch something else right? It baffles me tbh

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He actually respects and admires good/pro bassists. His disdain of bass players comes from his studio experience of amateur bands where (he says) the bassist is usually least prepared of the bunch, or is a guitarist playing bass without knowing how/when to mute strings, etc. Or the bassist turns up with 5-years-old strings on his instrument.

I was unaware of this guy until this thread mention. I can see two things apparent about him: He knows stuff and, for whatever reason, he’s sold on playing an asshole character.:person_shrugging:

I don’t have a dog in the hunt, but, FWIW, I expect he’d be more effective if he’d drop the faux outrage schtick and just deliver worthwhile content.

I think you have to pick what you want to be effective for. For building a brand and advertising his studio, the asshole persona is definitely going to generate a lot more clicks and views than his more down to earth stuff.

It’s why Davie rarely does much bass anymore, and why Charles Berthoud feels the need to imitate Davie’s production style. It just brings more views than the substance, and thus more revenue.

Pretty sure you turn into an asshole when you have to deal with amateur bands all the time :joy:

Making a living out of studio engineering seems very hard these days.