BassBuzz Course Placement Test Question

Hey folks!
So I’ve purchased the “Beginner to Badass” program a few years ago, practiced quite diligently up to Module 12 or so, and then took a long break from playing bass.
I’ve resumed playing a few months ago, and I’ve been practicing on my own now, playing songs I like with my friends.
I want to resume the course but don’t know where exactly to restart it, since I’m sure the beginning of it will be very easy to me (outside of the Billie Jean workout, which I got 90% down!).
Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you guys and rock on! :v:


Welcome back @FiftyTzent ! It’s good the power of bass has fish-hooked your heart!


Thanks @autumnsdad1990!! I’ve loved bass for years, and I totally feel like this is the perfect musical instrument for me! :star_struck:


Start from the beginning and pay attention to your technique and sound. If you can play the fast workouts well, go to the next lesson with the same approach. Everyone, from rank beginners to advanced players, can always benefit from going over the fundamentals.


My advice is that nobody can give you advice about where to start. You’re the only person who will know your exact level of skill.
It will take you literally minutes to start at the half way mark and see if you’re comfortable there or not. If you’re not, go back half of half to the quarter mark. See if you are happy there.
If you find the half way mark easy, go to half of what is left, at the 3/4 mark and see how you find that.

The divide in half method is literally the fastest way to methodically faultfind problems in systems and can be used for countless other decision making processes.


I like that! I’m a computer engineer, and I’m no stranger to this binary search method, never thought to apply it here. Thank you @admacdo!


So many different things you could do. Perhaps a cursory look at some early modules just to remind yourself of bad habits (although I recall there is a single Josh vid covering exactly this) You could try the workouts at medium then hard to guage your level. If ok maybe restart module 12 and finish the course.


Another proponent of starting at the beginning and grounding yourself in fundamentals. A lot of us have restarted the course just to do that


+1 to starting at the beginning. I went through the whole course a second time. Even in the simplest lesson I had more bandwidth to pay attention to details that escaped me the first time through.


Thanks to everyone who chimed in! Just today I noticed something in a lesson that I hadn’t paid attention to previously… I will do my due diligence!


Yes! Step 383 (b) n7 of the mind bendingly complex plan to have bass rule the universe is now complete! Mwaah-hah-hah-hah!