BassBuzz COVID-19 Fundraiser (Support Struggling Musicians)

For the next 24 hours, we’re donating 100% of Beginner to Badass sales to help struggling musicians.

I know most of you on the forum already have the course, so if you want to help, you can:

  • Donate directly to the charities listed below
  • Share this video with someone who might want bass lessons
  • Support musicians directly by buying their records and attending their online events

I asked musicians to leave links to their albums and shows in the comments of the Youtube video, so you can find some new musicians to support over there.

Some charities you can support + resources for musicians:

Equal Sound:
Artist Relief Tree:
Sweet Relief:
Patreon Artist Grant:
More resources:
More info on how to support musicians from NPR:

Thank you all for being awesome people, let’s send out as much love and support as we can to the people who are struggling right now!

All us at Bassbuzz are safe and healthy, and hope you are too. :heart:


omg must be dust in my eyes this why i love this community so many of us have had to sleep on a mattress in a dark ally think about it man been there done that!


Hey @JoshFossgreen thank you for this initiative.

Like you said we already have the course. I will spread the word and will donate to one of the charities.

Just a thought… Any chance you can do something similar with the bass buzz shirts or other merchandise as well? (50% or so)

I believe that would be a great way to make us participate as a community. We would wear it with pride and the message would spread further.

If you think this is possible count me in for 3!


I took advantage of the event and am now on Day 5 of the 30 day schedule. I’m devoting two hours a day. It’s great!
Now that the event is over - how many were you able to sign up?
Glad I was able to help…


@Gastonhav Unfortunately, there is no other merchandise. The BassBuzz shirts you’ve seen in his videos are a one off.

I would love to! It’s a ton of work to get something like that started though, and we’re all pretty busy here at BassBuzz digital HQ. Definitely on my dream list though!

I can’t disclose exact numbers, but I’m really happy with how many people signed up during the fundraiser! Definitely more than the average day. :heart:


Hey @JoshFossgreen, I completely understand not being able to release exact numbers. I wasn’t thinking rationally - was just curious. Thanks for thinking of others! :slight_smile:

Super glad it worked out! I’ve been cranking through the modules and just got tripped up by Billie Jean. LOL It’s still early here in SoCal, so I’m hoping I can get through five more lessons before bedtime…

Stay Tuned,


She is a wicked mistress.

LOL @eric.kiser! So is GAS, right @joergkutter?!


It does take a lot of work and thought maybe you had a few in storage. My bad. Whenever you guys cook a second of them batch please let us know cause they look dope! :metal:t5: