BassBuzz Lessons for intermediates

Hi, can any experienced players let me how how they think these lessons would suit an intermediate player?

I’ve been playing for about a year, technique is decent, and I understand the basic of theory. I really don’t want to pay for a 30 hour course over things I’m already happy with.


Tough one, @embrown15… short answer would have to be: no!

Slightly longer answer: you will likely learn some aspects new to you, and Josh is a great teacher, but the course is designed for beginners. True, others who have taken the course had some prior experience with the bass, and perhaps just not played for many years, but if you have played for a year now and practiced all the time, then you are probably ready for other types of challenges.

The litmus test would have to be: can you play Billie Jean?? (sorry, a bit of an inside joke :grinning:)


LOL, that should be an exam everyone has to take to determine if they should take B2B.


@embrown15 This is a really hard call since none of us know your experience. We have had quite a few experienced musicians who took the course and were glad they did.

If it helps, there is a 1 year money back guarantee. If you want to read some testimonials, try here… Beginner to Badass Reviews? 🎸.


Hey @embrown15! Like @eric.kiser said, a lot of people who’ve been playing for years have taken the course and told me they got a lot out of it. But it is designed for total beginners, so there will definitely be stuff that’s too easy for you, at least at the beginning.

If you go to the course description page and scroll to bottom of the section titled 30 Hours of Kick-Ass Lessons, there’s a button you can click that says Lessons Overview that will give you a more detailed picture of the topics covered in the course.

Hope that helps!


A little insight from a new member.

I have not played regularly in 20 years. I can get by reading basic sheet music, if I go really slowly, but my theory sucks. I don’t recall what the various keys are comprised of, or how to move around them. My playing technique has come back very quickly.

With that said, I just finished Module 1. It was definitely too beginner for me, but I had fun going through it none the less. I have been skipping the slow and medium workouts, as I can easily play the fast ones without issue.

I did check out the tracks from the later mods in the extras sections and I think that I could probably play most of them today, but I don’t know that I would really understand what I am playing more than just being able to read the tab and play along. Personally I am hoping to get a foundation in the theory to allow me to jam with some friends. I don’t expect the course to make me an expert, but I am hoping there is a lot to learn in them. If they teach to at least the level of the 12 bar blues / blues box type videos that I saw on Youtube, then I think that I will be happy.

The money back guarantee made me comfortable enough to jump in. I recognize that I will not get the same “value” as someone that has never picked up a bass, but for me having a very defined “course” was of great value. I went over some of the free lesson sites out there, and some of the paid more advanced stuff. I am a parent and busy professional so time is of the essence for me. Just like I have predefined workouts for when I got to the gym so that I can just “do” and not “think”, the way that @JoshFossgreen has laid this out in a very defined progression with everything right in one place is what made me pick this course. Going through the you tube videos gave me confidence in the style of the courses which I really enjoyed and have found them to be identical in style.

Hope that helps. If I think of it, I will update this thread as I get through more of the modules. I have only been at this for a few days.


Thanks for sharing @russeisenberg!

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I look forward to hearing your take on the course since you are coming at it with more experience. Josh offers, what I think, is a pretty solid foundation in theory. Definitely more than just the 12 bar blues.

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I think I got the most out of the later lessons that were largely advice for playing with others, which I was expecting to get the least out of.

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I have been wanting to update.

I will say that the more you learn the less you realize you ever knew. It has taken me about 3 months to get up to midway of module 10. I am enjoying the course and I think that it really provides a nice foundation. I have been supplementing some of the theory with other videos and such when I want to learn but don’t have my bass. When I have my bass I only take playing direction from this course. I have found the level to be something that I can get through usually in one sitting for each lesson. Although Higher and Higher took a little longer.

What I like best is that it is all very approachable and once I am done I will feel like I touched a little of everything so then I can go focus on particular skills for a bit without feeling anxious about getting to try something else.

Looking forward to the second half.