BassBuzz Website Downtime - Wed Jan 18

Hey fam! Just a quick FYI - the BassBuzz website (including the B2B course) will be taking a brief scheduled downtime. It’s time for a visit to the website spa for some R&R.

Timeframe: Wed morning at around 3AM EST, for up to 6 hours

The forum should still be up during that time, but you may not be able to log in to the forum if you’re not already logged in.


I happened to see the notice about that today - thanks for the heads-up!


getting lots of site errors today… maybe related?


noooooo… on my day off… :sob: haha


And that’s why I also bought the DVD’s. :slight_smile:

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I don’t have a dvd player :joy:

DVD drive attached to. Computer via USB port.

haha, I’d probably just pick up a cheap xbox if I wanted another dvd player tbh :smile:

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