Battery needed for Phil Jones Double 4

Hi everyone, I have a Phil Jones Double 4 amp and I would like to power it using an external battery. Would you know of a battery that may work with this? On the Phil Jones website there actually is a video showing him using a battery, however the one he uses is no longer being made. Seems you need a power bank/external battery with the ability to hook up a cable that has a barrel connector that goes into the DC input on the amp. Are these kind of of connections still available? Thanks for any help. Jonathan

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I don’t know about their stuff specifically. There are others here that have some of their equipment. @John_E might be able to help.

Would something like this work? It has an AC outlet.

I have one for emergency car starts if the battery dies.

I don’t know where you live and when you bought it. At least now in the EU, there is a slightly different version for sale due to (safety?) regulations or standards.

If you want help you should post a picture or at least clarify what version you’ve got.

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Thanks for the replies. The one I had whixh worked before was called the PowerAdd Pilot Pro 2. This one is no longer available, and I looked on their website and I dont see a sumilar product with the DC out. Maybe their is a different company that sells one? I am currently in the US but live in South Africa.

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Check over at talkbass, many threads on powering amps via batteries over there.