BB434 vs Jaguar

So as some of you may know recently I did it again, and bought sight unseen Affinity Squier PJ in Lake Placid Blue (beautiful color btw). But except for the issues it came with, and it were plenty but I managed to fix 'em all, I’m not digging these ceramic pups. They just dont have dynamics or bite when you dig in (not enough wooly-ness I experience with Mustang). Overall bass is alright after these fixes.

Now I’m really trying to find myself suitable bass, once again, and I’m not gonna go cheapo route anymore.

So I came upon conclusion of these two fellas:

I’m not in a rush to buy any of these asap. I wanna clean the rack a bit before wife kicks me out with all these basses.

So any heads up before I pull the trigger on any of these? Experiences, recommendations?

  • Jaguar
  • BB434

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If you vote, I’d like you to elaborate why you think one is better than other


BB434, were I choosing. Very high quality, classic line of basses from Yamaha. I had a 734A and it was fantastic, the weight and color choices were the only drawback for me. I just checked and a couple sources online claim the Jag weighs 12 pounds which seems quite heavy to me. I am skeptical it is really that heavy but you might want to try one. My BB734A was a bit under 10 lbs, for reference.

The Jag looks cool too - I love the funky shape and color choices. But between those two I would pick the BB, personally. Provided you like the color choices for the 434 that is.


I have played neither, but just from the looks and choice of materials etc., I would go for the BB, no doubt.

I own a Yamaha (very different type), and really like the quality of the instrument. Used to own a MiM Fender, and didn’t quite connect… So, not really super-balanced and objective here, but my vote goes to the BB :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Another vote for the BB here. Only ever tried one in a store but I should have grabbed it instead of getting swept away on the Fender train.
I too never really bonded with my P bass ( which I always felt guilty about as it was a gift from my wife) and eventually swapped it for a Warwick RB Streamer .


The only one for me that’s aight is TBS.

I love it’s shape and that orange color also, thats why its so hard for me.

Oh yeah I didn’t know thats its pretty heavy. I have nowhere to try it.

Excatly, they offer so much more.

Well I have MiM Mustang, even tho I dislike it cause of string tension mostly, I love it’s feel of the neck and sound. Wonder if Yamaha has that kinda glossy satin finish like MIM has, I just love it.

What worries me the most is the thing that most of people who say BB is better thing, are people who have sold them. Then I start thinking if they are good why people got rid of them?


I do not own a BB434 but do have a Yamaha TRBX304 and TRBX504.

I had the same issue with the ceramic pickups on the 304 and was the main reason I purchased the 504 which has the upgraded electronics, alnico pickups and an active/passive switch.
All is good now. :+1: :+1: :+1:


My vote was made solely on looks, because I’ve not played either option. That Yamaha is one fine looking instrument.


+1 for the not Fender


I see what you did there :smiley:


I’m no expert by any stretch but based on looks along, I’d go with the Yamaha.


Three reasons:

  1. It was a bit too heavy for me (though less than most Fenders).
  2. I couldn’t get in to the color. It was nice but I am not a burst guy.
  3. I bought another P/J so I didn’t need two.

The 734A was otherwise fantastic, a really great bass. Just not quite for me. Sounded amazing.


I’ve never played a jaguar, but as a previous owner of a BB235 and a BB735, I have to go with the Yammie. Great tone and playability all the way around.


I have a Player Jaguar and I would recommend it. It’s a great bass, nice fingerboard, excellent playability. Great tones. I don’t have a BB434 so have no comment.

Mine weighs 8 pounds and change so the 12 pound thing, yeah no comment.

I think the Jag is underrated. It’s really a fantastic bass. Great tones, sustain, the fretboard is incredible. Love it


If I were to do it again, I would probably look at a Squier Classic Vibe Jaguar. It’s medium scale, but is less money and has tone/vol tone/vol on concentric pots. So tone and volume control for each pickup which I really like on my Paranormal.

Throw in a set of Geezer Butler pickups and you’d be rocking


I have the Squier Classic Vibe Jaguar. I love it. I particularly like the medium scale (32”), which makes the first fret a little more reachable, and yet it really feels no different from my 34 inch scale Peavey. I switch back and forth with no adjustments.


That’s much more reasonable. 12lbs sounded insane.

Yamaha’s YGD pickups are stellar, stock, out of the box :slight_smile:


Have you ever tried some Player Series neck, feel wise is it alike? I really like that polished satin feel of Player Series Fender neck, which I didnt find on any other bass so far.


Yamaha necks are generally satin for current models. The 734 has a black finished satin neck; the 434 has (I believe) a natural finish satin neck.

Just checked, and yeah, satin polyurethane like the others. I love the feel of Yamaha necks.

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I was thinking the same, but I bought too many cheapish basses, and after 5 of them the only two I like are Ray4 (especially after AG4M upgrade) and CV 70s Jazz, but none of them are good for all songs. Jazz sometime just doesnt cut it cause it doesnt have much booty, and Ray, well you kbow its Ray, just doesnt work for everything.

So I figured out I like PJ most and it will suit any genre, so Im willing to get proper bass for proper money.


Yes but satin polyurethane is a broad term in my experience, Fender even lists that Affinity series has that neck finish but it feels nothing alike to MiM, it feels pretty unfinished to me.