Beat Buddy Mini

I’m IN!

I’m not retiring my trusty Korg Metronome but think adding a drum machine may be a plus for my bass practice.

I looked at a LOT of drum machines then kinda settled on the the Beat Buddy Mini. While the “full sized” Beat Buddy is probably a better machine, the Mini is probably the best choice right now.

I’m Just not sure I could use all the features of the “full sized” unit.



i have both the full size one and their looper so i am obvs a fan, they are great little machines. nice one.


Can’t wait to get it!

I am looking for some bass looper with midi sync atm. … So far the best one I could find is Electro Harmonix looper. Do you guys know about something along this way? Looper with midi sync. It will be sitting behind Zoom and before Compressor, so the sync looping is really the main goal for this one box. (Preferably through regular 5 DIN cable)

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as far as best, i don’t think you can beat the aeros i just mentioned, it really goes way beyond just being a looper. super expensive though, although you can save some on reverb by getting one used usually.


The mini is amazing and probably better value for the price. The only downside is that it doesn’t contain a SD slot for more drum tracks, but if I’m honest I only used a handful on the original Beatbuddy.

It’s an awesome replacement for a metronome too. Enjoy the ride!


I have the mini! It’s awesome.

Thanks. I read about this one, but it’s quite an overkill for me. I will probably go with one of the Electro-Harmonix loopers.


The TC Electronic Ditto x4 has 2 tracks and midi.