Beatles Complete

I was going through some of my Aunt’s stuff at the weekend and came across this lot:

Sadly at some point she seems to have dismantled the whole book and then put all the pages into a folder. But it would appear the folder was a bit smaller than the pages so every single page (over 200 of them) has been cut smaller with scissors! And sadly there are a few missing. But as Let It Be is in there I’m guessing it is a pretty complete collection; somewhat over 200 songs (based on it being mostly one page per song and a little over 200 pages). It’s only the melody, chords and words with beat indications but still interesting.

Might have had some value if it hadn’t been dismantled. I’m guessing it was published early '70s but there’s no date on any of the pages that I could find.


I had both volumes of Beatles Complete. I lent one to a guy who never returned it. The other one is likely still in a box from my last move. Great books with accurate transcriptions.


I was just fascinated to find it in my aunt’s stuff. She’s 89 and has just recently had a major stroke and had to move into a nursing home. Sadly probably won’t be with us much longer. She never married so myself and another cousin are having to try and sort everything. And I found a pile of piano music (mostly classical/easy listening) and this!

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I still have this!

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I am pretty sure my Aunt has this… she was a complete Beatles Fanatic… I’ll have to ask her!

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I have that book too- I was dirty as it doesn’t have As My Guitar Gently Weeps.
Can’t remember where it came from but I’ve had it for a very long time

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Also found on Amazon.




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