Beginner bass amp

Hi all,

After a few years’ downtime I’m picking up my bass again and starting pretty much from scratch. I’m inclined to follow Josh’s recommendation for a Fender Rumble 40 for my practice amp at home but have also come across the Peavey MAX 100 Bass Combo which is similarly priced. Any opinions on this Peavey?
In my past life (20+ yrs ago) I owned a Peavey and loved it so I may be slightly irrationally biased toward Peavey.



Peavey looks great, both are capable of producing great tones as well as making your ears bleed at home.

You probably won’t notice any huge differences at lower volume setting like home practice but if you ever have to take them out and jam with others the bigger wattage may pay off later.

This is definitely your call but for $329, $30 more than peavey I’d take the rumble 100.


Not sure about the Peaveys but I’ve had a Rumble 100 now for 3 years and love it. Its loud enough for studio rehearsals, light enough to move around if I need to and it also has an aux in and headphone plug which make it very useful for practising along to songs or lessons.

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I have a Rumble 25, used at home and with friends for a regular jam, both inside and outside.
Never gets turned up past about a 1/3 and is easily heard.
We have one or two guitars through Orange amps, keyboard through portable PA and electric drums.
I use hearing protection (when I remember)

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I’m with @Al1885 on this, for just $29 more get the Rumble 100. It’s a really nice light but loud amp. I’ve played in a small practice room with a drummer and a guy with a 4x10 Marshall that was cranked. I had earplugs in and it was LOUD. You could still hear my amp but only just.

The Rumble 40 just isn’t going to cut it, if you want to jam with people at any kind of volume. It’s easier to turn down a 100 than turn up a 40. I’ve never played a Rumble 25 but a 12" speaker (Rumble 100) vs the smaller 8" speaker is going to sound a lot different.

I also bought the Rumble 800 on sale (2x10 combo) which is stupid loud. Go big and turn it down, rather than cheap out and buy small hoping to turn it up. IMVHO. Good luck.


Yeah! People can say any thing about what a corporate sell out fender is but the good things that come out is that Fender acquired many companies for the intellectual property and patents. Fender amp benefited greatly from this, great amp technology at unbelievable price.


Hi and welcome. I second what @Al1885 told you. The Rumble 100 is worth it and it’s a negligible price gap from the Peavey. And it’s lightweight, which is always something to consider.

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Thanks for all your input guys.
I have an eye on a used Fender 100 and the Peavey. If prices are close I’ll go with the Fender.