Beginner Bass Mistakes (5 Tips to Suck Less)


I’m gonna give you 5 tips to suck less and ditch the beginner bass mistakes that YOU’RE probably making.

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Tip #1: Anchor Your Thumb (1:01)
Tip #2: It’s Not About the Gear (3:24)
Tip #3: Use the Mighty Pinky (5:02)
Tip #4: You Won’t Suck Forever (8:33)
Tip #5: Pluck Like Goldilocks (9:54)
(plus secret Bonus Tip #6…)

Sheet music + tab

Were you making any of these mistakes?


Ha! This is exactly why your course is excellent - I would have probably had to unlearn some of these habits, but instead, I’m learning it correctly from the get go.

I like Tip #4 - You Won’t Suck Forever - I’m only on Module 2, so even this tab is “advanced” for me - but with some practice, I just knocked out the slow speed, and it sounds pretty good. The fast just seems impossible, but, hey, I’m not gonna suck forever!! I’m on the road to bad-assness :smile:

Keep these videos coming - it seems like there are a ton of YouTube instructors for guitar, but very few for bass, and just you for the total beginner. The combo of quality, easy to follow lessons, humor, and the satisfaction of playing something should rope in some newbies like me. It’s a great niche you have! The user experience for your website is great too!


Great video, Josh :slight_smile: Some good points, and I’ve made some progress with using my pinkie, at least . . . I confess I used to focus more on gear than I should have, too.

Thanks and thumbs up, Joe


Brace yourself for “Billie Jean” then :grin:… Nah, you’re gonna love it!


That’s the idea! Glad you’re digging it so much Vik.

Hell yes! Yeah, you’re super super fresh, even just a month from now everything will feel easier.

Working on it! :sweat_smile:


Thanks Joe! Progress is progress, someday you and your pinky will be best friends. :heart:

And of course, gear does matter, it’s just important to maintain perspective. But with the money I’ve spent on pedals in the last couple years, I’m not one to say you should NEVER worry about gear. :slight_smile:


Got me with “Goldilocks.” That ruled.
Also - love those fart sounds.

That was really well demonstrated and executed.


Ha! I’m deep in Module 3 and I still use the Billie Jean lesson as a warm-up and my technique still goes to crap and I trainwreck like five bars in on the fast workout. It’s eeeeeevil (but fun!)

I’m actually using it to try and kill my flying fingers. It’s a really, really slow process :slight_smile:


+1, this is a great intro video.


From looking ahead at forum posts, looks like that’s the first one that really trips people up! Looking forward to it though!


The actual pattern you play for it is super fun and simple. The problem is it is also kind of a finger-twister, so when you start trying to play it fast… LOL, well, you’ll see :slight_smile:

It’s probably my favorite lesson in the course so far, and probably the biggest difference between the slow and fast workouts, at least for me. You will gain a lot of respect for Louis Johnson.


Me too, @howard . . . :frowning:

I thought I had it nailed a week or so ago, but I still can’t get the ring and pinkie finger technique down correctly . . . turning up the bass setting on my amp DOES make it sound better and smoother, though! :wink: . . . lol

Cheers, Joe


Yes, @Vik . . . “Billie Jean” will be your first trial by fire . . . :slight_smile:

It’s kind of like a running joke around here :yum:

Good luck with it and let us know how you do with it.

All best, Joe


Thanks buddy! That means a lot to me. :heart: