Beginner Class of Winter 2021 - How is it going?

I think the pacing and bite sized lessons would work well teaching a child. Early on the lessons are easy and short so you can build up from zero experience without being intimidated or discouraged. And I think going through the course together would be an awesome experience for you two.


I’d say this course is absolutely perfect for your daughter,or any “young one”

The bitesized approach ,the extremely well judged pace from the very first lesson and the saturation of theory is really spot on.

My daughter went through two years of the well established music school process with violin and one thing that is strikingly different is the absence of fun from the well established - old school - process.
I feel that with the classic approach the onus is on the child to be motivated enough to learn.
While with B2B you get excited for the next lesson!

Don’t get me wrong,the classic approach does produce what it sets out to do…but it was developed in a time when kids stood to attention when a teacher walked into a class.
I am very impressed with how this course is structured and paced.
She will love it,I’m sure!


I just started last week! I’m in Module 2 somewhere, and I’m having a blast! My main issue has been to force myself to stop practicing, because I have to do other things in the day. Lol! :wink:

The way B2B is set up is soooo much fun, it’s additive! Prior to finding Josh’s course, I bought a class on Udemy by a guy who was trained at a prestigious music school. He obviously knew his stuff, but I was bored to death after I barely started. I love listening to classical music, but I don’t like to play it! Finding B2B saved my love of Bass! I still need to get a set up for my Bass, but it sounds pretty good. I’ll get it done most likely in the Spring. I’ve set up my Bass so it’s real easy to grab and practice. Nice to meet you all! :slight_smile:


Is the dude’s name Rajiv Narang? If it is I bought the same course and quit after section 2 because of too much theory and no playing.


Thanks everyone for the great advice! Can’t wait!

Hi everybody,
great to read from you all! I had to stay away from the forum for a few days because of this:

@Micki_Moss: Is this the Fender starter package with the Rumble 15 amp? I got the same deal but with a slightly different bass. A great way to start, I think!

I’m proud to say that I’ve finished module 7 and am ready to take up the next challenges. Reading the things those further ahead in the course have posted makes me very curious.


Hi Regina!
Yes, I got the Fender starter package. I think it definitely is a great way to start the Bass learning process, although I have to admit that I’m already eyeballing a Mustang Bass! Lol! :wink:
That’s fantastic on your progress! I’m still in Module 2, but I’m really enjoying the lessons. It’s so awesome to be able to play with great music right off the bat!


Yup! That’s the guy! Once I’ve completed the B2B course, I may attempt to go through Rajiv’s class again to learn more about music theory. Just starting out though, I need to make the process fun. B2B is definitely fun!!! :grin:


Hey Everyone!
This is my second journey on BASS. First was about 20 years ago and short lived, mostly just goofing around with some buddies who could actually play guitar and drums. I had no direction, lessons or clue. It was fun, but little in actual progress was ever made. This second go around started about 2 year ago in much the same way. Had a couple buddie wanting to get a band together after having not played regularly in years. They gave me the nudge to grab an old bass and see what happens. Used a barely holding together junker bass for a couple weeks with them, no amp, just plugged directly into the PA and some some very basic guidance on yousician. I was quickly hooked! Went out and bought myself a new Yamaha TRBX174 and a used Yorkville Bassmaster 200 115 combo and decided I was going to commit to this. Gave up on the Yousician after being encouraged to give Rocksmith a try on PlayStation. It was/is a great learning tool and pretty fun, especially if you ever played guitar hero, as the visuals are the same. Notes coming straight at you rather than left to right, so it’s kinda weird if your not used to it. But stated to get expensive adding songs all the time, so I needed something else…
I had been going back and forth for about a year now on signing up for the B2B course, wanting to improve on my technique, theory and improvisation. I originally found Josh on youtube, much like the rest of you, I assume. His videos we’re always much more enjoyable then some of the other online/youtube lesson guys. So… Finally I pulled the trigger last week and I’m happy I did! I’ve cruised through the first 4 modules and have found lots of little tips and helpful ideas that never occurred to me, just trying to learn on my own. Steady improvements even with just a couple sessions. Great course! Looking forward to the rest and continuing to progress!
I’ve upgraded to a new Epiphone Thunderbird Vintage Pro IV, what a beast! And as soon as we’re free from this lockdown/covid goes away, it’ll be time to jam again!
I know that was a little long, apologies for the diatribe! Salesman, I can’t help myself.
LOW life from Alberta!


Purchased the same course (in addition to other non-Udemy courses) and none of them did the trick.
After one day, and into Module 2, I’m already feeling good with this one.


Welcome aboard @Pontoon,
You should head over to the introduce yourself thread :+1:
you wont be disappointed with this course, it provides a great intro into bass.
Enjoy the ride,
Cheers Brian

Thanks Brian! I will certainly do that.

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Hey there, great idea for a post.
I started in November 2020 during UK’s second lockdown. Had been bored, looking at random YouTube videos when found Josh’s BassBuzz videos. It started an itch, some long forgotten childroom memory of wanting to learn an instrument but being denied by my parents.

I can’t thank Josh enough for providing such quality material, paying for the course was easier decision on this journey.

I’m still on Module 11, taking it a bit slower as having to keep my young kid busy as schools still shut. Been noticing that if I don’t play daily, the next time I play it’s much more difficult. So, that 5-minutes-a-day rule certainly makes sense. Even if it’s just to play some tune, find a bass tab for that day’s music and follow for a few bars, anything to keep the hands accostummed to the instrument.

Favourite songs so far:

  • that slide on Running with the Devil!
  • Pride and Joy
  • Feel Good Inc
  • House of the Rising Sun
  • Song for my Father (I still can’t play it flawless even on Slow, need to concentrate more but it’s hard with a little one making havoc)

The theory lessons made me appreciate music a lot more, been watching other videos about theory, trying to train my ear better. It’s slow progress but thoroughly enjoyable.

Reading all your comments on forum is great joy, seeing how much people are facing (and overcoming!) their difficulties, it gives us strength without being ashamed of having jumped some of the medium/fast workarounds. I haven’t managed Billie Jean either! LOL

I’m playing a cheap setup, Cort Action PJ with a Kinsman amp. Works like a charm and didn’t break the bank, always a good start when you don’t know whether you will enjoy playing. I’m glad I started, maybe one day I won’t be afraid of 120 BPM quarter notes!
I haven’t got around asking for a setup to be made, mostly because lockdown and because it “feels” OK.
A few days ago bought 1/4" to 1/8" (P2S) cable, plugged the amp into computer’s line in, recorded a few minutes myself playing with the backing tracks. It felt like having my own private studio. Strongly recommend giving it a try.

Keep on rocking, folks!


(I’m loving this thread)


This is a great thread. And hear, hear in regards to Josh. This course is awesome, he really did a great job. Looking forward to the prince that was promised, i.e. the intermediate course… :grin:


Side note, I just found all the course extras under the Help tab. Cool as hell!


Oh yes! Actually, the jam-along tracks were probably the final push for me to buy the course. They are so much fun!

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I too just started this course in January - seems like forever in the best way, great community here. I am not as far along as my peers; I am just about to Billie Jean, and though I love the Jackson 5, I don’t like Jackson’s solo work and am facing this module with dread.

My dad was a musician, and a darned good one. For entertainment he would read opera scores like Gilbert and Sullivan. He always said when he read sheet music he could hear the whole orchestra in his head. Sadly he passed when I was young.

Growing up I tried out different instruments and took to the drums. Wish it were bass I tried. Did some gigs as a punk band, and played in the school band for some time. And yes, went to the infamous Band Camp.

My interest in world music started very young; when I was 5 or 6, The Peanuts from Japan appeared on Ed Sullivan, and I was enthralled. When I got a paper route and started buying records as a youth I sought them out. My world musically changed when Deep Purple dropped Machine Head, and I have been head banging ever since.

As I grew older I did some acting and had to work to support myself, but while I listened to music, I drew away from playing it.

But with the Pandemic I said why the heck not, bought a bass, and B2B course, and am going at it. At a slightly reduced full speed.

I am also taking lessons with an instructor, but the two don’t cross much. I enjoy playing with another musician weekly and I think that has value, though most of my technique I learn from Josh.

For work I work at a hospital. For leasure I write and am lucky to have been published, and now I also play bass.

I am loving the course so far. I like how the modules are layed out and build on each other. If I could pick a con it would be that the slow lessons are too slow; I have a hard time with them, but not the medium or fast ones.

Picking this course was the right way to go.

I find that playing daily really helps even if its just for a bit, and that if I have a part that’s giving me troubles, play it through a couple times, then sleep on it. As @PamPurrs has mentioned, somehow it gets set in your brain and the next day goes much better.

I am not going as fast as when I started as I have had surgery recently and that slowed me down; I have one more to go sometime in April. Then I should be out of the woods.

I started on a Fender Jazz, and then tried Ibanez SRMS805 and fell in love with it. The neck suits me so much better than the Fender. My advice is play as many bass out there as you can, you never know when you will find the one that suits you. Be picky.

My playing goal is to be able to jam along with music. I’m not sure I will gig with a cover band, but not ruling that out. Just trying to enhance my enjoyment of music. For basses I have two, my Fender and my Ibby. I don’t play the Fender much these days but she will no doubt come in handy when I start to slap. I still want 4 string, and am looking though not too hard. I can play my Ibby for some time and be content.

Oh, my amp is a Rumble 15; the only bass amp I could find on the Penninsula where I live. I am pretty remote. I am 52 miles from Seattle, which takes 3 hours because there is no highway, and there is a ferry to take.

But for practice and such it is adequate. I know this will need upgrading someday.

I did buy a zoom pedal, and I highly recommend having drum effects while practicing. Makes it easier to keep to a beat. I tried a metranome and hated it. Drum effects ftw.

I think those are my thoughts. Thanks for starting this thread, and many thanks to Josh for building us a home.


OK All @Regina,

I got an email notification that I had not been on the forum lately and need to check out the new threads… So here I am, taking a break tonight from the course. Read through all the comments and went back to play some of the recommended lessons from above. Great idea ! Love to hear what others like.

I love music of all kinds and have been trying to learn to play anything since I was young. I have been through:

  1. Saxophone (5th and 6th grade)
  2. Banjo (8th grade) - still have… see below
  3. Piano - always - grew up with a mother who always played.
  4. Guitar recently - too many strings and that annoying “B” string.
  5. Built myself a 3 string license plate guitar (Still love it)
    • Picture of all of them below

But I always liked the low chugging notes on the Bass.
Finally realized I was going nowhere with the above instruments and bought a used Squier Jaguar Short Scale bass and Ampeg amp as a starter.
Strolled around the internet trying to learn what I could until I ran across Bass Buzz videos and couldn’t get enough. Of course I subscribed to the YouTube channel and visited often.
Finally came to the website and nosed around in the Forum. All positive reviews and a lot of good stories of how people finally found their bass groove. I dug into the Free lessons and really got introduced to Josh.

So… Feb. 1st 2021 I made the first payment and bought the course.
The first couple of modules were slow for me, but I paid close attention and got to see and appreciate how Josh teaches. I was building a good foundation and good habits that I was not getting from the random YouTube videos.

I am at a somewhat faster pace than the 3 month schedule, but plan to slow down and enjoy replaying some of the lessons. Saturdays are review days.

I should be starting Module 6 lesson 4 tonight, but I will double up tomorrow.

Like most others that I have read about - Billy Jean was my 1st stumble, but I will keep working on it and maybe I’ll never get that one right. That’s OK.

I definitely like the medium and fast workouts.
Download the Jam tracks and play though often - I like how they are longer to get the rhythm going… and it loops back to the beginning.


M3 - L1 Child in Time
M3 - L5 Sweet Home Alabama - relaxing groove.
M4 - L2 With or Without you
M5 - L6 is so fun.

I am sure there will be more as I get to them.

It definitely is helping me to go back and play previous lessons so I don’t forget some of the things that I have done. replaying them is building tha muscle memory.

I also started a B2B Journal that I record my progress, things that I learned and just how I feel after every lesson. It will be fun to go back and read later.
Here is a picture of the my toys with the most important one on the right.

…And my current combo

I promise to check in more regular and look forward to hear from other newbies…
BTW - I am 52 yrs old and its never too late to learn.
I am sure @JoshFossgreen will keep me going.
I no longer think I am a Beginner Bass player, but hope to soon be …

BADASS ! :v:

Rob M.


Really nice thread to read. Some bits from me based on what I’m hearing.

  1. Don’t stress about how long it takes. It took me a year to do the course because life got in the way. Still enjoyed the process.

  2. Don’t worry about being rough around the edges. Everyone is rough around the edges when they start. No-one is born being able to play the bass.

  3. If you are worried you might be doing something wrong, post a video on here and you’ll get friendly people letting you know if anything doesn’t look quite right. I can tell you though that 99% of the time everything is fine.

  4. Listen to your body. If you are a bit sore, that’s fine (and expected for a beginner). If you are experiencing pain though, that’s not fine. If you have pain, tell us about it and we can try to help. It could be technique related. Of course if it is serious pain then seek medical advice.

  5. Try to play with others if you have the chance. Bassists are always in demand. There will definitely be people learning guitar and drums in your area (unless you are in the middle of nowhere). Try to find them as they will likely want to play with others too. Learning together is a great thing.

  6. Have fun and keep playing!!! This is the most important advice I can give. Have realistic expectations and goals. As long as you are playing, you will be getting better, whether you realize it or not. Remember that a little each day is better than a lot on the weekend.

  7. If you do want to get into music theory, which can be overwhelming even to experienced players, most people seem to go the route of using Ariane Cap’s book and optional online course. It has great reviews. But don’t feel like you need to rush theory or that it is mandatory. There are professional musicians that don’t know much music theory. It just depends on what you want for yourself.

Anyway, hope that helps. Enjoy the ride! It’s a fun one!