Beginner to Badass & BassBuzz YouTube

Howdy all.

There have been some questions coming in regarding how the BassBuzz YouTube channel interacts (if it does at all) with the Beginner to Badass course.

So… I made this here topic. Please, one and all, correct me where I go astray, and add where I leave out!

The Beginner to Badass course is the ultimate way to get into playing electric bass if you consider yourself a beginner on the instrument or if you’ve never played before.
It will take you, true to its title, from beginner to (drum roll) badass.
The lessons offered are sequential and cumulative.
Things progress module by module, adding skills along the way.
It is an invaluable instructional method, and you must pay to access it.

The YouTube channel is a wonderful and free supplement to the B2B course, or to anyone with specific bass-related questions.
Where the B2B course is a well-crafted, detailed map guiding you from beginner to badass, the YouTube channel is more of a magnifying glass briefly focusing and going in depth on one small aspect of the bass world.

They certainly work together, but if you’re new to the instrument, the YouTube channel won’t be able to answer all your questions, give you the technique advice, work you towards goals systematically and gradually, or give you clear and measured ways to check your progress.

The Beginner to Badass course DOES do all of that.
Once you’re done with the course, the YouTube channel is the perfect place to get deeper with bass concepts, check out a new technique, or answer more experienced, specific questions.

Please, one and all, holler with your own experiences and ideas here. I think the question is a very good one, and it can be real helpful to explain what is what!


Spot On True @Gio - every line!

For me, I’ve never gone to the YouTube Channel (just my choice) and have only taken the B2B course. Without the course under my belt, I would never have been able to be where I currently am right now as a bassist. The B2B course provides the structured foundation that is needed in order to comprehend and understand the basics of the bass along with an exposure to basic music theory that puts a person on the right track towards success.

For me, trying to learn to play the bass without completing the B2B course would be like trying to eat soup with a fork…


I’m Josh Fossgreen and I approve this message. :white_check_mark: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yeah, you’d still achieve the aim but it’d be messy, would take an age, and you’d miss a lot of the contents.


Very true. Some great tips on these vids which got me into the b2b course in the first place. Also on Joshs on site he has a book bundle which i highly recommend. the scales is fantastic as it can be used for extra scales practice Module 7 that i am currently on and the next one. the other two are more advanced but will be good for the future once the course is finished for more advanced practice ideas.


Isn’t the same booklet available for download with the online version of the course?

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Josh has another website, and the book bundle is not included or associated with the Beginner to Badass course: Bass Books - Josh Fossgreen
They are downloadable digital products in PDF format, sold separately or the two books sold together in a bundle. There is also one free downloadable PDF book, about playing sweep arpeggios for bass (an advanced lesson).

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TIL. Thanks for the heads up!


I purchased the complete B2B course, and just want to say that if anyone wants to play bass it is a great investment for young and old. Ive gone through the course 3times. still have trouble learning songs, which cant play the blame game on Josh. Thanks for all you do on you tube and you`re B2B!

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I watched some off the utube videos and will agree with y’all that without a foundation can’t build the house correctly. I am on mod 3 in b2b and love it. (My fretting pinky needs to be returned due to warranty issues though). Will definitely check out those videos in the future.