Beginner to Badass Reviews? 🎸

In an effort to keep my review mine, and mine alone, I have not read any of the other reviews at the time Of writing this.

Excellent Course.
It was Fun and exciting. The material was fast paced and energetic, yet thourough and filled with all of what you need to be well on your way to a life of bass Ta musicians level. The way the course is structured, you could be a total noob to bass, or music in general, and easily follow along at a pace you can handle, some may go slower then terms, but all can ge thru. That said, if ou have musical experience, even bass experience, you can still start at the very beginning of the course, learn basics you may have skipped in previous lessons / playing experience and still have a good time, never being predicted to death.
In fact the ole course is fun, amusing, interesting and very, very informative. That is the genius of the course, you are fun engaged, and having a laugh, and great time, you often dont even realize you are actually learning, but you are. And because you are excited about the lessons and workouts, I believe you learn more, faster, and retain the information longer.
I state playing approx 2 months before signing up for the B2B course. I bought a Bass to kill time while on disability, a few weeks before the co I’d-19 quarantine. I bought a few books on mastering fretboard, and basic beginnner bass to start off. I played guitar in my youth, but had not played probably 15 years. I was never a guitar student per say. I learned the songs I wanted to play with gage bands, omcovers, some original, but not much else. I wanted to play bass since I ffirst got interested in music as a kid, but ended up on guitar cuz it was easier for me to play what I wanted with who I wanted back then. Now I wanted to approach bass completely differently, partly because I am 48 now, not 20, and am more mature, have patients, and I knew I did not do it right on guitar.
So I started teaching myself, 2 months ago with the beginner books, fretboard exercises, and the major scale. That’s as far as I got in the books when I started searching YT, and found BassBuzz and other programs. I started watching random videos, an ruing put them in a logical order to learn in, and started getting a little lost.
I started another online lesson plan, but the free one. It was really gd at first, but right after arpeggios, it started pig too quickly, and got a Little frustrated. I could have stuck it out, but I would have had to repeat lessons 5-10 times before moving on, mst likely.
I was determined, and probably would not have stopped trying, but I came back to visit BassBuzz more, and lurking in the forum and reading about B2B a bit more. Still a little hesitant to spend the money, I finally said to myself, “self”. Just buy it, it isn’t for you, you get the money back.

I am so happy that I bought B2B. I feel like 20x the player, no, musician that I was when I started the curse (6 days ago). Honestly, all the prep I did for two months, that sat in my head, kind of in a fog, because,e crystal clear by the time I finished the course.

Am I still a beginner. YES.
DO I have a clue. YES
B2B worth it. YES

I am going to redo the lessons on my 5 string.
When there is a follow up course to B2B, I am all in. I still have a lot f way to go, but I know the car I am driving, I know the road I am on, an have a map to get me where I am going. Game on!

I am going to take my daughter thru this course too.


44 days later, I’m a B2B grad. I’ll start out by saying I enjoyed the entire course. I started out an absolute beginner and now could hold my own in a garage band jam session or just playing along with the radio to entertain myself, not bad for 6 weeks. After completing the coarse I went over the Final self test exam and confirmed what I thought and that is I still needed to work on Speed, especially with the Left (fretting) hand, I’m sure this will come with practice. However, I didn’t realize how much music theory I absorbed until last night. Cruising the interwebs looking at Tabs for some songs to practice, I was thinking oh, this is easy, its mostly roots and fifths, and that’s when it hit me. A couple of weeks ago I had no idea what a root, fifth or scale was, let alone how to apply them to the bass or a song. Throughout the course I was learning proper technique and theory without realizing it, all while having fun playing along to actual songs. I also appreciated that Josh provides some follow-on ideas and practice thoughts for you to continue the musical journey after course completion, doesn’t just leave you hanging. In conclusion I would absolutely recommend this course to any beginner/home taught hack looking to learn the ways of the bass. I have a long way to go to meet my personal bass goals but I feel I have the proper foundation needed to move forward. Also I’ve learned a lot of self restraint, I can’t count the times I wanted to put my foot thru my amp speaker when working on Billie Jean. (Disclaimer: no amps or musical instruments were harmed throughout this course :grinning:)
One last note, the camera work, visual aids and website throughout all modules were done professionally and helped immensely. Kudos to the camera/video editors and web designer gurus, you guys were spot on. Josh Fossgreen has a knack for teaching, I wish you were around when I was learning geometry…anyway
I’m looking forward to any upcoming advanced lessons along with the entertaining and educational antics from @JoshFossgreen and the whole crew at BassBuzz.



BEST COURSE EVER!!! I don’t really know how else I can express my gratitude to you, Josh! Now I want MORE!! MORE! MORE!!


Welcome to the BassBuzz forum @aminetto
Glad you agree with the quality of the course.


Welcome @aminetto!


Hey Just started yesterday and just started on Mod4, its so cool i just cant stop :love_you_gesture:


I remember that feeling. I loved going thru the course, so hard to put down.


:grin: Day two, and i just finished Module 6 :scream:


Awesome, I too couldn’t put it down. I have all the free time in the world, with Covid, Rehab, Disability, I filled my week with B2B, and it was the best week of 2020, but it allowed for all the weeks that followed to be great bass weeks.

Idk how you feel about the slap.
I was excited and scared S#!T£€§§ at the same time going in, but it ended up being one of my favorite modules, and I am looking forward to progressing into a good slapped in my future.

Keep up the great work @RolandDehli :+1:t2: :+1:t2::+1:t2:


I loved this course! Thank you Josh and thank you to the people behind the scenes who made this all possible.

First off- I thought that this was an incredible value. I’ve taken lots of lessons over the years for other instruments and this was a great way to start off on the bass. I’m almost 50 years old and when I started learning music I couldn’t just pause the teacher and rewind something that I didn’t understand. One-on-one lessons can be very expensive and if you feel lost/frustrated, you might abandon the instrument. I don’t want to ‘diss’ that kind of instruction, I just found personal lessons most helpful when I was struggling with advanced concepts where I needed focused correction on technique, etc.

I thought the course was very well laid out in terms of increasing difficulty and it was nice that there were a few challenges in there (Billie Jean fast workout comes to mind) to keep us on our toes.

Can’t wait for volume 2!

One suggestion if it’s possible- I know that there are mp3 files that one can download and practice with, but having something right on the lesson page that can loop indefinitely (not just play one time through and stop) would be very useful. I’m sure there’s a way to loop the mp3s that I downloaded, I just don’t know how.

Thanks again!

PS this was such a great thing to have available during the coronavirus pandemic! If I was going to be stuck at home then I may as well start playing bass!!


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Welcome and well done. I’m sure @howard or @terb would know how or search the forum Jamie
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if you use Windows, just open the MP3 with Windows Media Player and activate the loop function (the rounded arrow). could not be easier.


@loadpony I’m not sure if this is helpful, but I was having problems loading the mp3 files on the iPad that I use to play the lessons. I ended up importing the files to my Local files in Spotify on my desktop, then made a B2B practice tunes playlist, which I am able to access from all of my devices. I set the song on repeat in Spotify to get the endless loop, which might just be the death of me if I don’t master the slow Billie Jean workout, which I have moved on from but not forgotten, in the next day or two. A bit roundabout, and you need to have Spotify for this solution, but it works for both Windows and ios.


@JimP now that’s a good method, I will need to have a look at that. :laughing:


Welcome to the forum @loadpony and thanks for the feedback! Great idea about on-page audio.

And thanks everyone else for your feedback/reviews as well!

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I had never picked up a bass eight weeks ago and my initial fumblings with you tube were getting me nowhere fast. B2B gave me the structure to build my skills in a fun but well thought out set of lessons. I don’t think there is anything I would change. For me; the music theory was too early in the course but the way it is structured, I just skipped that and went back over it later when I felt ready. And that is one of the strengths of the course.

I feel it has a real niche in getting beginners like me up to speed quickly but with an emphasis on good technique. I didn’t find another course like it. (I did look at Talking Bass and SBL amongst others).


So i finished the B2B course, or did i :thinking: actually i think i just started a journey in to a world of BASS thanks to @JoshFossgreen who within this course really set you of with a really solid foundation, and a quest for wanting more. It has send me down Eartraning lane, over musictheory and in to the land of really hard rhythms. I love that this course takes you in to all types of music instead of just having focus on one. I can now play bass !!
I have a Super Badass Goldstar but it wont stop me !!
I just cant put my bass down :slight_smile:

Thanks BassBuzz


@RolandDehli congratulations. That was quick
:guitar: :slight_smile: :guitar:


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