Beginner to Badass Reviews? 🎸

The last three modules were probably my favorites!


It is official, I have “passed” the course and am now a certified Bass Badass! This course was brilliantly thought out, to be able to start having fun with the instrument from day 1, to growing your skills quicker than you could have hoped for. Josh makes the theory interesting, and teaches it in small easy to handle chunks that at no point felt overwhelming. Until they can download bass skills directly into your brain Matrix style, Josh’s course will remain the best way to build your fundamental bass skills quickly and efficiently.

My biggest concern about paying for online/DVD lessons was that the instructor obviously can’t watch what you are doing and give you feedback on where you need to improve, but Josh manages to do that through the DVD’s anyway! I can’t count the number of times he told me to breathe while I was holding my breath, or to try an alternate method for something right as I was struggling with it. Those little pointers and reminders he gives you throughout the coarse really help re-enforce all the good habits he is trying to instill, and it works.

Going through the final quiz at the end was a very rewarding feeling! Going back to the early lessons, and listening to Josh give reminders about fretting position near the top of the fret, or plucking up rather than out… it really made me appreciate how those things which took up all my focus at first are now natural muscle memory, freeing up the mental space for me focus on my groove and note choice instead.

When I first decided I wanted to learn how to play electric bass, my main goal in mind was simply to be able to turn on a drum track and improvise something that sounded badass over it. Having just finished Josh’s course, I have the basic ability to do that in a way that sounds good and is fun as could be to do! Now I have the rest of my life to get better at that, and thanks to Josh I feel equipped to do so. I didn’t expect to feel so ready to jam with others and be able to easily communicate with other musicians about what is happening in the music, but I can do that now too.

Thank you Josh, for this wonderful course and all the content that you have continued to create and release for us! I love playing my bass, and can’t wait to practice what you have taught me for many many years. This review has gone on long enough… back to practice!


Heck yeah! Congrats on graduating B2B - it’s a cool journey for sure! I’m about a 6 month “alum” now, and Josh’s course has opened up a world of things to continue to learn and grow from, so, pretty much agree with all these sentiments and how Josh is a gifted teacher!


Awesome job @BassFaceDisgrace.




I am so happy I found this course. I came across BassBuzz/Josh on YouTube when I picked up the bass again. I forgot about everything on bass over the years, and started fresh with this course. Within a week, I was comfortable free styling and doing things on bass I didn’t even know about. I can finally do scales and write easy bass lines and melodies. Josh thinks and learns and teaches like I would. The humor and editing are also so on point. Josh is a BassMaster. He’s the Musical Sansei for my Bass Playing Education. I remember the little tricks and tips and I’m starting to incorporate them into my everyday playing. I’m finally comfortable enough to record myself, play in front of someone, and post/jam with friends. I can play without a pic so well, that I can’t play WITH one. It’s so much in one mind. Josh is a genius. Multi-facetious artist.


So, about that “constructive criticism” (see other thread), @KnuckleHead… uhm, I am sure you meant “multi-faceted” here, right :grin:

And, no, don’t worry, I am not the language police, and we don’t issue tickets here, but this just seemed like a classic “Freudian slip” here… :smile:


I am a retired high school teacher, and I can tell you Josh has nailed the teaching gig! I’m impressed and enjoying every minute.