Beginner to Badass Reviews? 🎸

Exactly as Pete said, @Mark_D . . . and I’m still doing that myself. So the course is a great investment because you can always go back as much as you need. :slight_smile:

This is very true. I’m getting a lot more understanding after going over some of those music theory elements again. :wink:

Cheers, Joe


Hey @Mark_D, Beginner to Badass is my only full course right now, but more to come!

Also, if we could keep this thread to B2B reviews so it’s clean for folks searching, that’d be great. Questions about the course, etc. can all be posted in Chat or PM’ed to me. :slight_smile:


I am only half-a-badass at this point, but have already made enough progress that I could play several riffs for my family when they visited me this weekend. They could recognize them fairly quickly so I must be an ok player, even after 56 days (with some days garnering little practice). My mom recognized “House of the Rising Sun” after just 4 notes (!!!), but I think that’s her skilled ear and love of the song. :wink:

I am a nerdy teacher who appreciates your nerdy teacher style VERY much, and I am looking forward to anything you craft for Badass II: The Sequel.


I have lots of music experience, on several wind and keyboard instruments plus voice, with varying amounts of formal training in them all. After more than 20 years of trying to learn guitar and not even getting to what I’d consider to be mediocre, I put the guitar down. My brother, who had been playing bass with Rocksmith for a couple years, persuaded me to check it out. I got a good bass and a little Rumble amp and fooled around with Rocksmith a little. Something about the bass “clicked” with me, and I decided I needed some proper instruction. I checked out a few online places, and somehow stumbled on one of Josh’s videos. That led to me to consider the B2B course, and I have to say it’s probably the most cost-effective music instruction I’ve ever received. I think the value far exceeds the tuition cost. Josh’s teaching style meshes with my learning style, apparently. I found that the lessons reminded me of taking private instruction in a teaching studio from a good teacher. Everything is logically laid out and every lesson builds on the lessons that came before, and that makes it sort of self-reinforcing. What you’ve learned tends to stick better that way. Josh keeps the info flowing, and his manner makes you want to keep moving along to the next lesson. He comes across as very natural and genuine, and extremely knowledgeable. I know that if I lived in Josh’s area that I’d be one of his private students.


I was a true beginner - had never played a string instrument and hadn’t played anything else since age 10. Really glad I found Josh’s course! He has a great sense of humor and a way of encouraging you to keep going. The slow, medium and fast workouts are great. (in other lessons I had tried there was just one - the full speed - and I could never play it.) This course is really fun - and I refuse to finish it since I don’t want to be without a lesson to try every night after dinner. I am learning a lot going back through a second and third time. Now I am beginning to understand the musical knowledge Josh throws in - where the first time through I was just trying to get my old fingers to play the right notes. Great value for the price. Very enjoyable.


Hi Josh, thank you for wonderful course. It was pleasure to follow. I was absolute beginner so I enjoyed natural (or better to say Josh’s) flow.
What I did mind was, when explaining notes on frets in new songs introduction that we miss tab.
Also, for new course to think about scrolling tab if more than 4 bars exist. I would miss notes in medium/fast workout because I couldn’t see them upfront. Later, when I learned those is not problem but simply it made it more difficult. I have used printed tabs in those cases.
Looking forward to advance course.


Reading music is indeed rewarding and sheet music is a lot better than tabs for conveying information.

That said, to set expectations - don’t be discouraged if it goes slowly. It takes most people years to be able to sight read in real time with music. Even after years of band I got to where I could only sort of do it with treble clef on one instrument. I could never do it on keyboards.

And it doesn’t matter. Because sight reading in real time isn’t super important anyway - what matters is it lets you be able to have all the information in one place that you need to learn a piece.


Hey Mark, in my original post -> " for those of you who completed Beginner to Badass"

I’d love to get your full review when you’re through! Just trying to keep this thread clean, progress reports, questions etc. are all very welcome in the Chat forum.

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Hi Josh I’ve just finished the course, which is superb.

I’ve just downloaded all the backing track files and skipped through them, and the only suggestion I can make, is that the backing tracks are just not long enough - all around 1 minute long, and I would suggest at least 3 minutes, and preferably around 5 minutes - not for all of them (I can see that would be a complete time consuming pita) but just the fast workout/normal speed jam along ones without the bass track for the more advanced modules.


Thanks for the feedback @Mark_D! I’ll look into extending the backing tracks, that’s a good suggestion.

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Not all of them - that would take you forever, and the earlier module ones are fine as they are…
Just the final module ones, that have no bass on them. The ones where we start getting creative using what you have taught us.


So… I finished the course this month, I bought it in September and I’ve done the most of it in the two following months. :slight_smile:

And… it was a blast. Really. Josh’s enthusiasm is catching and every day when I came home it was with a lot of pleasure that I went through all the lessons.

If I’d have to describe Josh and his team’s work, I would say it’s a bit like the difference between a good math teacher versus the bad ones:

  • A bad math teacher will only throw at you the rude and unpolished equations without caring about making it understandable, and you will only have to learn it by heart, even if you don’t really figure the why and the how. And maybe you will be able to pass the exams but without really being in control of what’s going on.
  • A good math teacher will explain you simple patterns that are easy to visualize and to get to grips with, and once you are empowered by them, he will show you the big picture where all those fits nicely and it will be surprisingly easy to understand, because you will have all the foundations to figure out the why and the how.

Math is easy with a good teacher. Math is impossible with a bad one.

Josh is the good math teacher of bass. :metal: :guitar:

He will show you the simple patterns and before you will realize it you will be using them in much bigger illustrations where they will be completely logical, intuitive and natural. And seriously that’s the best compliment I can give to someone.

Josh and Josh’s team, thanks a lot for this little didactic marvel, knowledge should always be shared this way.


My musical background is that I started out as a trebled youth. I played mostly alto or tenor sax from dawn to dusk all through high school years, joining every possible band and playing flute and piccolo as well. I took 5 months of classical guitar, but truly did not care for it. After that, life happened, and finally swore off music and that was the end. The music began again with a birthday bass and with Josh Fossgreen’s B2B course. These lessons taught me so much more about music than 4 years of high school band! His approach is absolutely revolutionary. The way he teaches is very low stress and personal. You learn without knowing you are, if that makes sense. You get to try every kind of music style and bass line. Truly, in 30 days, I feel completely at ease anywhere on the neck of my bass. Josh has handed me the keys to unlock any skill I need. I can talk the music language with other musicians now. My foundation is solid. Good to Badass is also super-abundant with course extras that can be used again and again. I truly have no fear! I am playing interesting bass lines, and have been invited to a jam session. When I ordered the course I had no idea that it would enrich and transform my life. I’m not trying to be a bassist, I am bassist!


Recently semi-retired, I thought I’d I try playing keyboard, without a teacher… and without much success. Curiously, while struggling with it I felt the bass was “calling to me.” I have about 400 songs (mainly oldies) that I listen to while driving, and it just seemed that playing bass with these songs should be fairly simple compared with other instruments – single notes in a relatively narrow range, no chords, etc. So I turned up the bass and lowered the treble a bit for a few weeks. Then…

I did a fair amount of online research, and consensus was that the bass is easier to “get into” but just as hard to master as any other instrument. So I wrestled with the idea of it for a month or two. Then I found Josh’s free lessons, which I found informative and very encouraging.

So… I decided to give it a try. I bought a beginner bass (the recommended Cort) and after four months I’ve just completed the course. I have to say that it’s been an interesting and enjoyable experience. I can definitely see the improvement in every area, especially this very day for some reason. Even my left-hand muting has become half-decent.

I agree with Josh’s comments in the final few lessons, about practicing, focusing on where my interests lie, etc. In my case, I just want to become competent at playing along with 50s and 60s songs, and at some point perhaps jam with other old guys, maybe even play with a small band once in a while. Without this course, I’m certain I wouldn’t be as far along as I am today (semi-competent beginner?), so without a doubt the time and cost has been well worth it.

If I have any issues with the course, one would be that the workouts started getting faster and more complicated before I was ready for them, but I always spent as much time as I needed to get through the slow ones. Another would be the lessons on slap and pop, which seemed a very advanced topic; I skipped them. I’d have much preferred lessons on how to figure out what notes to play from sheet music and lead sheets. Josh and others have posted suggestions in the forum, but this is still a conundrum for me. Oh well, I’m sure I’ll figure it out over the next few years… THANKS AGAIN FOR THE COURSE!


I am in Module 3 Lesson 4. I started a week ago. Being retired and snowed in at home helps :sunglasses:I was using the online version, but due to internet issues where I live I started using the DVDs. I find the DVDs much better because I can stay in full screen mode and it just goes right into the next module.
I HIGHLY recommend this course. Josh explains the concepts and techniques in a way that is very easy to understand. He even makes learning music theory(gag) fun. :grin:


@Lo Congrats on your great progress! Keep us B2B junkies up to date. I so loved the course, I enjoy others’ discoveries as well! Or maybe you just want a shoulder during the Billie Jean hoaxing, lol!


I want to add few more information. This January, which means 6 months after I started to learn bass as absolute begginer, I started to jam with band. Classic one with 2 guitars, bass and drums. Every time we practice 2 new cover songs. First one was Californication and guys couldn’t believe I played bass only half a year.
I could even get to some songs on spot without looking at tabs/ notes.
I am very happy because of this as finally my dream comes true in 55. And all thanks to Josh and his clever course that guide you thoroughly.
Josh, would like to start with advance course. Hope you are coming with that one soon.


Had to take a short break. Someone crashed into me while skiing. Nothing broken, no concussion, but a very sore and bruised left arm. I did a lot of chugging practice on the open strings over the last few weeks. But, I’m back at it and completed Module 5 Lesson 3. :grin:


I find myself putting off doing module 16 simply because I don’t want it to be over! I am excited to try the end of course test of going through the suggested workouts. It will be fun to see if I can officially call myself a graduate and a badass!


The last three modules were probably my favorites!