Beholden to the Riff

Here is a good YouTube channel called “Beholden to the Riff”
He does some lessons with tabs, and does a pretty good job.
I found him because he does the N.I.B. bass intro by Black Sabbath.
I had learned that on Cover Solutions, but there where some things I couldn’t get quite right with the constant streaming, and this helped because he breaks things down to sections and even breaks the sections down to sections. One of the better tutorial videos I have watched not put out by @JoshFossgreen.

But this video I watched today I wanted to share. Transcribing is the next thing I will start to work on after I wrap up Mark’s courses that I lose on June 1st when the all access pass goes away, but its coming up and I am gonna start to tackle transcriptions.
Of course many of the best players and channels I watch, say it is the BEST thing they did for their continued learning and playing, and will make it easier to jam with others and then create your own songs / bass lines.

This is not really a step by step, but it has alot of really good advice for learning songs on your own, and just for your attitude towards learning and playing in general.

Check out the channel if you like it and want more. I find the guy pretty inspirational because it is obvious he had some sort of major injury if you look at his fingers and elbows, there is scarring, deformation and a pinky he can’t seem to bend, yet he plays guitar and bass very well.


Love this guy, hard to find bass tutorials for heavier stuff and he is great.


Somebody was looking for Stoner Rock / Metal in another thread.
This guy has some


Thanks for the post and mention @T_dub. I just checked out his Hand of Doom video. I have not heard that song in a month of Sundays and now I want to learn it!!

Don’t know for sure, but his scarring looks like he was badly burned. Poor guy, getting through that is freakin horrible - this coming from someone as someone who has had 2nd & 3rd degree burns and mine was limited to a very small part of my body (left hamstring and calf after a motorcycle accident).


I had a ground bloom flower. I was running across the basketball court out front our door, in the complex of townhomes on the 4th of july.
It was still light but everybody from the track was lining the court (cement court) already, and kids were lighting worms and sparlkers.
One of the older kids lit a flower, and threw it across the court. Idk if you know or not, but they can climb up in a spiral.

It caught my left shin, went just up to my shorts and jumped legs, and climbed back down and finished its bloom.

I was already screaming cuz of the intense pain and blisters, and charred skin.
I had a good 30 min inside with my mom cleaning it up, light gauze bandage in the wound that he’d vitamin e oil soaking on them.
At first my screams were from pain, but quickly turned to panic. “ its getting dark outside, I am gonna miss all the fireworks”
Bu the time she said “all done” wild bulls couldnt hold me back.

I was back out there getting neat anything I could light up, and asking everybody else if They had sruff for me to light.

Those burns were bad for a few weeks, especially cuz it was summer and I was surfing, but in the end, I think the salt water was good for it

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Yeah it was @Ed, tagging him so he’ll see.


Thanks chaps @bowtieben7 @T_dub - always thirsty for knowledge :slight_smile: :+1:


Hey there’s some great stuff on this channel. And he’s got totally the right voice for it. Great find!