hey (talking to you @howard) can we talk about how much one of the most hated companies out there is killing it lately? I know people turn up their noses and say they just rip off other people’s designs. then they buy a zillion dollar pedal that’s a klon clone or another ampeg amp in a box. manufacturers have been recycling the same handful of circuits for decades. behringer is no different, only with a crazy good value proposition. I mean come on, this is sooo good:


I love Behringer, and this Model D looks great.

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Their synths are fantastic. I just sold mine but the Pro-1 I had was better made than an original Prophet and sounded identical to me.

The Model D looks just as good.

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Great, you guys just inspired more GAS. I hope you feel good about yourselves :rofl:

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I’ve got no complaints about any of my Behringer gear. Never really understood the hate. To hear some people, you’d swear that Uli goes around eating children.

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yes. yes I do.