Believable Audio 29 Pedals

For those interested in pedals, I thought these were interesting. 29 Pedals is the branding Believable Audio uses for their pedal line. Which is a little weird because the only thing they seem to do is produce the 29 Pedals and a large amount of swag for them.

29 Pedals – Believable Audio

It’s only four pedals but they do have an interesting take on what they’re doing. The guy behind the design decided to throw out what anybody else has said about what parts don’t matter and did all of his own research and comparisons on every part that has gone into these pedals.

Additionally, these pedals are, supposedly, built full range and should work with bass. Here is an example on bass. To me, it sounds like it’s missing something. Let me know what you think.


I kinda question this guy’s demo. I don’t understand why he would run the HX Stomp in between with an amp sim and effects (lol there goes half of your tone). Afaik that OAMP works as a preamp too, so why not only use that for the sake of the demo. And I assume he is not using any cab sim at the end of the chain either, which makes it kinda sound “thin”? Which is fine if he wants to let you hear the DI only.

IMO an A/B demo would have been better with A) just the tone of these pedals and B) with different amp/cab sims at the end of the chain. He is already running it into his computer so he could have done some post-processing there.

But to be fair it’s not super clear to me either what they exactly do, it sounds like a buffer, overdrive and preamp+buffer pedal with lots of routing options. Aesthetic I think they look really nice!

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Yeah, not the best video. It was the only one I found.

Preserve the full spectrum of your tone, I think. If you read about them on the website, it feels like it was written stream of conciousness, which I didn’t find very helpful. Maybe it was written by the designer, and when his words made sense to him, he stopped.

I do like the aesthetic and the over engineering.

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Whoah Woah GIF - Whoah Woah GIFs

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That’s a great gif.

Very nice looking pedals, I like the vintage utilitarian studio box vibes (not 100% sure about the 29 logo, but whatever)

I think he has focused on a very small part of the pedal market…these are all nice pedals but they are all ‘last 5%’ stuff, and also priced high…they seem to be fancy ‘audiophilish’ versions of: a buffer first pedal, a final ‘conditioning’ pedal, a multi distortion pedal (od,dis,fuzz), and a boost…each pedal has some cool little extra touches but all are questionable ‘value for tone’ due to $

They would work fine with bass I am sure, the vast majority of pedals like this are full range

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i love emily the harpist, and he seems like a nice enough guy. but he spouts exactly the same nonsense that i have been listening to since i was literally a teenager from “audiophiles”. “higher quality components”, “shorter signal paths”, “impedence matching”, blah blah blah. no thanx. this is all just bullshit and any EE will tell you this. and it is almost always used to justify a higher price tag. so yeah, sorry, the “horrible comments” are right.

btw: which doesn’t mean he makes a bad pedal. they might be great pedals. it just means that the reason why they sound great doesn’t have anything to do with why he says they sound great.