Best album releases of 2021

Cancel all the end of year polls, the voting is over. New Gojira album - Fortitude has absolutely knocked it out of the park. Universal acclaim

Also a thread to help me to seek out new music


Love the thread.
I’ll holler here when I find some good new stuffs.


Ooh I need to get into Gojira heard some songs here and there that I liked. Definitely lookout for Cavalcade by black midi, it drops on the 28th of this month. Their debut was solid but I think they have really come into their own based on the singles for the new album, if you want to check them out here’s a link to a live performance of one of the songs from their new album (the link will take you to the spot in the video where they play it), definitely recommend it if you like experimental rock with some post-punk and jazz influence. Also the bassist does the vocals on this song which is really cool.


That Gojira album kicks all the butts, does it not?
Harakiri for the Sky has a new one out this year, too. If you like your drums wayyyy too fast, check out Maere.


This barely makes the cut at Dec. 18 2020, but give me a break 2020 or 21, covid restrictions dont give a fuck or shit. Nobody even knows what year is it anymore? This will probably stay best album of the year till next year for me.


Probably not the most intricate bass lines, but a fantastic album. No fillers, just killers :boom:


Oh man I actually did hear this! I was surprised because I haven’t heard anything Chevelle in a while but I enjoyed it way more than I though I might.