Best apps/programs for practising and jamming at home

Hi People,

I’m trying get setup as just learning bass and looking for a program preferably free that has heaps of pre programed 12 bar blues back tracks. I just want to learn to jam in the 12 bar progression. would also love to eventually jam some simple funk bass lines as well. Also how do you take the drum beats from the computer to say a small amp? Is it possible?

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It helps you separate tracks and give you chords. It’s FreeMium, unfortunately you can’t copy and paste YouTube link anymore but you can screen record video and upload that way.

Yamaha have a similar feature but from your “owned” songs in the library.

Best match to what you are asking would be one of the 2 following. The apps are free but requires a “purchase” item.

First is the Boss Pocket GT, really cool in so many aspect for the practice sessions. Check it out.

Next is the Spark, Mini or 40 version. The app pretty much has exactly what you are asking for, tons of jam tracks, when uploaded, you can get chords.

That’s what I’ve been using and they work very well.

Thanks i will check out your recommendations. I’ve been looking at Jamzone which is pretty cool but pretty pricey for tracks. Thanks hopefully one will work great. Also how do I get the music amped up a bit to jam to? I have an old guitar amp but not sure how to hook it up to the computer or my phone.

Well it’s not preprogrammed, but you can add a “smart guitar” track in GarageBand, set the length to 12 bars, and tell it what chord to play in each bar. Then you can play that on loop and jam along with your bass.

If the amp has an aux input then you can use an aux cable

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iRealPro should have you covered - it’s free, you can set up your own chord progressions, or download tons of stuff from the community of users (including all kind of standard tunes). Mind you, there is no “melody”, only the chords played by a rhythm section to jam along. As a bass player, you can mute the bass track and play along etc.

Very versatile and just a great practicing tool!


What the hell happened in Moises?
They changed the app and I cannot get to my paid for tunes in my music library (it shows me a few but not all). Just saw this last night. Not very happy at all

It now only has an iTunes selection Vs My Library (with the same interface / categories as my normal music library (recents, etc).

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Mine still shows the camera rolls which is still a pain but doable from YouTube screenshot. Fortunately, I didn’t set auto-update on my 1st gen iPad Pro. I still have the older version that can still do YouTube link.

Maybe they got in copyright trouble for charging to manipulate copy written material and are only allowed to manipulate certain things now? Transcribe+, my other app for this is free and still works as was. Only pain is it doesn’t convert to mp3 so have to export in another format and go through a conversion step.

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You might like this YouTube channel:

Credit to @Barney who posted this first.


Yeah, there’s a crackdown going on for unauthorized use of copyrighted recorded materials.

They can charge all they want to manipulate anything and you’re fine as long as it’s for personal use and you don’t redistribute copyright material; it’s no different from Izotope RX or any software that allows you to edit an audio file.

I seem to recall that some studios are going to be introducing new services like “mix the music” which will allow you to access the multitrack recordings to mix your own songs. I think part of it is because the song and sound recordings have 2 separate copyrights.


Note that stripping bass to make backing tracks is not fair use or personal use if you post them anywhere though, hence why YouTube has to handle them as copyright claims.


If you make stems or any kind of backing track from an original copyrighted material then that would make it a derivative work and you still need a license. Sadly a lot of material that genuinely falls under fair use like commentary and critique gets taken down from YT or demonetized too.

The YT copyright claim system is broken, enabled by DMCA and pretty much anyone can force you to take down/edit any video for a ridiculous reason with no proof because most people are too afraid to fight it and get a strike. I’ve seen many instances where the claimed copyrighted material was not even in the video.

I think it is more likely required by DMCA, rather than enabled - I don’t see that they have much choice. I don’t see how it is in their interest to take down any video for that unless forced to. I wouldn’t blame YouTube here, even though everyone does. The real problem is DMCA and the litigation it enables.

YT is doing what they have to do because they can’t manage it themselves, the volume is much too high but in the process they’ve created a system that rewards people who abuse it.

Allowing the person who has placed the copyright claim to be the one that gets to reject the dispute of the claim is ridiculous.

It would be fine if people acted in good faith but they don’t.

There are several free programs that offer pre-programmed 12 bar blues backtracks. Check out Band-in-a-Box and iReal Pro.

I was not aware that Band-In-A-Box is free. :thinking:
Do you have a link?