Best of 2019? - Best of the decade?


It’s the end of a year and a decade - anything from this last year / decade that is list worthy? My last decade was… crazy. I can’t think that far back in time. I can barely keep it together for this past year.

Here’s my music-relevant listy-bits for 2019!
Happy New Year all.

The track that I most wanted to play / cover / learn this year was Joy Joy by Kinga Glyk

Music I listened to the most and was most stoked on this year:

and this gem from East Coast Doom Lords, Elder:

Anything y’all found from this past year that tickled your ear or your bass? Give a holler!


Funny, I was asking myself what was my favourite album of 2019. I can’t really choose between those two masterpieces :

Rama - Everything Is One

Cult Of Luna - A Dawn To Fear

… and about The Gold & Silver Sessions, I was listening to this disc yesterday in my car :grin:


My favorite discovery of the year has to be Kiyoshi.

And, of course, BassBuzz :slight_smile:

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BassBuzz was easily the best decision I’ve made for myself in the last decade. Not just the course but also getting to be a part of this forum.

Music this year…
Kyoshi, thank you @howard.
Sludge, thank you @terb.

A happy 2020 to one and all!


The best of 2019 was undoubtedly the joy of learning the bass and keeping at it, along with the renewed passion in music in general, and the opportunity to make music together with others once more. And, certainly not least, this awesome community in here!

As for the decade: not to sound overly zen buddhist here, but I really don’t try to dwell on the past too much (read: I can’t really remember what I did five years ago… :grin:)

As for artists, groups, songs: tons of stuff, but, alas, stuff I seem to share interest with pretty much no one in here, so I’ll spare you… :wink:


I was really just fishing for some more @terb recommendations. I feel like you’re definitely listening to what I’m liking! Thanks for the tips. I really like the Cult of Luna record, but hadn’t heard of Rama.

@joergkutter!! How dare you withhold on us!!?? If we didn’t have a super fusion, jazz-bass-shredding set of ears in our forum, we’d be kicked off the internet. We need you. And I love it when you post vids of music I had no idea existed by other-worldly players that blow my mind. I’m not saying it’s what I listen to in my spare time, but you gotta know that it is appreciated!


Haha, yeah, OK, we can’t have that, @Gio :smile: I will endeavor to hold the fusion/jazz flag high, even though it might get riddled by all those plutonium pellets … :joy:


+1 :grin:


There’s always Djazz


What the f***?

Peaky Blinders meets Django Reinhardt meets Stray Cats meets [insert heavy metal genre-leading band of your choice]


Haha, yes, these guys are good - good poking fun at all the clichés of these genres :smile:

Incidentally, the (garage) band I used to play drums in was called “dejazzed” - of course, that was way before the “invention” of djent, and more a pun on “defunked/defunct”…


Scallon’s videos are great yeah :slight_smile:

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