Best of 2020

Hey all!
My favorite music podcasts are all doing their end of year wrap ups and making their ‘best of’ lists.
I’d love to hear what gems you all have discovered this year.
My favorite album released in 2020 - with some of my favorite bass work (such killer grooves and gorgeous harmony work with the guitars and keys - is:
Elder: Omens.

I’m still thinking about other bass lines and records from this year. I’ve got a huge batch from the heavy-music-spectrum, but I’d love to hear what y’all have found.


This is definitely the surprise of the year for me (as in: I am surprised how much I like it!)

My personal favorite of this year is this (might not play in here; it’s on Bandcamp) - The Holdsworth Reinterpretations by Sebastiaan Cornelissen:


Best of 2020 for me is (as Lanny would say, or my parents would have said): all y’all.


Whoah… the production on this reminds me so much of that older Metheny stuff!
Super cool.
Was the concept to re interpret the music of Alan Holdsworth?
I’m not a Holdsworth expert, so it’s not familiar material to me.

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The best song of 2020 for me was definitely this. I think he was using a mtd bass in this recording.


I discovered bass and bassbuzz :slight_smile:


I think the purpose/motivation here was at last two-fold: first and foremost was likely the desire by Sebastiaan (and some of the other musicians involved) to pay homage to Allan Holdsworth and his music. Second: to make a 1-to-1 cover of Allan’s songs/recordings is a bit of a futile experiment, as Allan’s approach to playing and his style are very, very hard to copy. So, re-interpretations it is!

They made new arrangements, let sometimes keyboards replace the soaring lead guitar, and other times hired young guitar whizzes to provide soli in the spirit of Allan. I think they did a great job in “freshening up” these classics and stripping away some of the idiosyncrasies of the 80’s and 90s in the original recordings.

By the way, Allan’s albums are - while of course very fusion-y and guitar-heavy - worthwhile checking out, as he always surrounded himself with awesome bassists; most notably Skuli Sverrisson, Jimmy Johnson, Jeff Berlin and Jimmy Haslip!


my favorite album of 2020 is probably this one :


Some good stuff on there!!

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What an absolutely stellar bass line up. I’m most familar with Jeff Berlin… He’s the one that first showed me the Bach C minor prelude as a bass exercise… still one of my all time favorites!

This is real cool, and an amazing homage. Thanks for the heads up.

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Not sure if only 2020 but I just discovered them via Adam Neely this year and I really like them:



Those masks are nightmare fuel, also where would one buy a mask like that. Asking for a friend :smirk: Good song and video :smiley:

Nice you might like the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble too, seen them live a couple of times and met them after a show once. Lovely guys!

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I didn’t really get into it when you first posted the album :thinking:
Having listened to it again, I must admit that was a mistake, love it :heart_eyes:


It’s very hard to pick just one release… This year has been a time of musical (re-)discoveries for me :sweat_smile:
But I guess The Fallen Crimson by Envy wins it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Japanese band and I can’t even see their videos in country? GAH.

Ooh they are on Pelagic. Great label.

Oh yes, this is right up my alley.

Here’s another link for Fallen Crimson. Fantastic, thanks for the tip!

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Those horn arrangements!! So thick!!! I love it. This rocks.

I loved this too! envy are killller! Good shout.

Love this too. The drum sound on this is so perfect - so big and meaty!


Wow The Fallen Crimson is incredibly good.