Best of 2022

Hey all!
I love the best-of lists for my favorite things at the end of the year.
If you’ve got 2022 things that you loved, share them here.
I’ve got my music top 5.
I’d love to see if there were new things from the last year that y’all got into!

(in no particular order)
Astronoid - Radiant Bloom

Blood Command - Praise Armageddonism

Clutch - Sunrise on Slaughter Beach

PUP - The Unraveling of PUP the Band

Rolo Tomassi - Where Myth Becomes Memory

So many other ones I loved, but these might have been the most listened to.
The Good, The Bad and the Zugly album was rad.
Same with Sumerlands.
Also The Beths.

Holler with your year’s best!


Probably the most blown away by The Armed’s Ultrapop. Just a crazy good album, a few high profile guests jam on it too (Kurt Ballou and Mark Lanegan being the most famous).

Hadn’t heard of them, apparently they are a Chicago hardcore collective with a ton of rotating members.


My favorite album 2022.


my favorite album of 2022 is Akarano by A Ghost in Rags :


By far my number one album :heart_eyes:


For me the best new music came out at thick thirty….or was it bad bitch o’clock?

Amazing album, amazing woman.


Nemophila keeps breaking rules, a trend I imagine in my list. Besides having babies and touring the US, they found time to drop an album.

Otyken mixes the indigenous music of the Chulym people in Siberia with emo.

Nini Music. Taiwanese Folk Metal

Voice of Baceprot, three young ladies fighting for the right to play music in a Muslim country, which freedom we take for granted.

This song touches me like no other this year. With it’s allusion to Armageddon, the world is so troubled today. When the music falls away and Su sings “we will”, a call for the community to come together, gets me every time. A song of hope for our times.

Like every other Babymetal fan, I can see the whole arena singing this one.


@howard -Very cool record! I had that cross my path and enjoyed it.
@Kalin - fun to check in with soilwork - I don’t think I’ve listened since their early early stuff produced by Devin Townsend! Rad.
@terb! Always great to hear your deep cut international heavy heavy picks!
@Krescht - killer heavy meditation time there.
@John_E - hellllllllll yes.
@Wombat-metal with the japan-centric metal lady rockers! Rad.

Feel free to post favorite recipes.
Bass lines.
I started with music, but that’s because that’s what’s on my mind!
Best of 2022 can be whatever.


The Prince estate quietly released some more tracks from his famous vault in 2022 to very little fanfare.
You can dislike the man, but as a multi instrumentalist he’ll never let you down.


You will pay @Barney, I can’t unlisten to that.


My favourite of 2022
Cheers Brian

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Favourite album of 2022 is definitely Schizophonics - Hoof It. Got to see them live for the first time this year and they were amazing. I’m still shell-shocked from Pat Beers insane performance.

Mostly for me, 2022 was about the gigs I got to see.
Gig of 2022 was Osees. Blew my socks off!

Also saw:
The Bobby Lees. Kendall Wind is a such a great bassist!

Mudhoney (twice) - I met Guy Maddison after the show in Brighton, and he talked me into buying a Fender P over a Squier :laughing:. Lovely bloke, who I never realized was a nurse in his day job.

Nosebleed. Bunch of top lads from Leeds who drank with us after the gig.

Top Left Club. Excellent Brighton band.

Purling Hiss. They were so poorly marketed, there were only 4 of us in the audience. They still played like it was a full house. The most exclusive gig of the year!

Clowns. Came from playing big festival crowds in France to about 30 people in a small venue in Hastings. They were fun.

The Cavemen

Scowl. The most insane mosh pit I’ve ever seen in a small venue.


Favorite album is The Question by the Slackers
Favorite show was seeing Steel Pulse and Rebelution live in Austin.
Favorite vacation city was Charleston, SC.


Fave new acquisitions of 2022:

Fender Japan MIJ P-Bass Hybrid II
Yamaha Revstar RSS20


Favorite acquisitions of 2022

Fujigen Mighty Power + Fender CS 62 P pickups
Sire D5 PBass + Seymour Duncan Stinger or JBE P pickups


Favorite acquisitions :

  • Bad Cat Hot Cat 30 (USA, 2007), one of my favorite amps of all time, if not my absolute favorite
  • LTD M-200 (Japan, 1999), that I had for very cheap in bad shape and that I resurected with some repairs and a set of SD Nazgul & Sentient pickups

… yeah, two guitar acquisitions. but I must admit that 2022 has been mostly a guitar year for me.


ah, i see what you did here.

Hmmm…well this year’s basses were…
Peavey T-40
4001 Rick
Red Aerodyne
Walnut Aerodyne
Hofner - German
Squier Bass VI
Fender Marcus Miller

If I had to choose my favorite?
Rick or Fender MM


Love this thread, thanks @Gio !

And thanks everybody for the amazing music shares, my “To Listen” playlist just got massive.

Fav music of 2022:

Fav gear of 2022: lol oops I didn’t buy any gear this year. GAS Guy defeated.

Fav recipe of 2022: Tofu “orange chicken” and broccoli. My beloved does some kind of witchery to the tofu in the oven before tossing with the orange glaze and the texture is ridiculously good.

Fav book: Still finishing, but Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver. Not a new book, but new to me, and it’s now my favorite of hers besides Prodigal Summer.


The Thai place by me has fake tofu duck and it is outstanding.


Favorite acquisition: PRS Kestrel - have not seriously wanted to shop for basses since I bought it

Favorite movies: Encanto and Free Guy - they didn’t come out this year, but I’ve turned to them again and again

Favorite music: Lizzo (was there anything else to listen to this year?)

2022 has been…a strange year. My favorite thing about it is that I embraced quitting. Not like “quiet quitting” lol, just old habits that no longer served me (if they ever did). Oh, and my job. :grin: