Best places to buy currently?

In my limited experience I’ve pretty much bought everything from Guitar Center. I was wondering about Sweetwater, and any other site. Good, bad, better? Thanks!

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Pitbull Audio is an excellent vendor. So is SoundPure.

Thomann Music is also outstanding, whether you’re in the US or Europe.

Chicago Music Exchange has a good reputation.

Sweetwater has been largely reliably good, but there have been issues lately (e.g., players receiving a returned instrument as new) that are concerning. A call to a Sweetwater rep to confirm that an instrument is indeed un-returned is a wise idea.


Yeah @MikeC pitbull audio or music store live same company are pretty awesome.

The king of cheap would be guitar center. Best in business is Sweetwater.

If you are anywhere near SoCal the. The pitbull audio would be my first choice. You can call the rep and they usually give 10-15% discount some items a bit more.

Guitar center is a hit and miss mostly missed. I’m, well they are lucky, my rep is pretty much awesome as he helps me spend my money well, lol. My Sweetwater rep was really good then he left the company, my current one is mediocre at best, that bad for them. When I have GAS attack someone should get back asap not a week later, lol.


This is a practice of GC as well.

Same here

I have had a couple good experiences with Chicago Music Exchange. No experience with Pitbull, but may try them next if GAS ever strikes again which is highly unlikely.


I’ve bought two basses and several other pieces of high-end gear from Pitbull Audio. They are thoroughly pro in everything they do.

My most recent acquisition was my Sire V8. It came brand spanking new (no used or returned BS), with multi-point inspection card signed by one of their techs.

And, of all basses I’ve ordered (except for my Mayones), it was packed snugger and more securely than a pharoah checking into the Great Pyramid Hotel.

Pitbull Audio offers 10% off a first order, free shipping always AND no sales tax to Texas, which is a major plus for me :smiley: (I don’t know about other states).


Facebook Marketplace and eBay are my go to places. I’ve bought quite a lot, nearly new but second hand :sunglasses:

I’ve bought used exactly once. And that was only because the bass I wanted isn’t made anymore.

That said, I’ve gotten great deals on all my new basses.


I’ve bought three used basses and they were among my best.

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New basses are cheaper than mint basses right now some by as much as $400. In fact a few Reberb store are listing brand new instruments as mint condition so they can post the discounted price.

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Yeah, with a slower market for all sellers right now, there are really nice deals on new basses out there.

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Not to justify this, but I do sometimes wonder how many customers order (expensive) gear with the intention to not keep it and return it before the 30 days no-return window is closed? I can imagine that this can be a bit of a headache for vendors too.

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I agree.

But there have been some delivered basses that have looked to be in used, badly stored, or in cosmetically non-pristine condition - apparently not as just “returned-in-mint condition.” There’s no excuse for that. They should be offered as used, at a used price point.


This is why I never mail order new instruments. You are actually better off buying used - mail order new is like rolling the dice.


Woohoo! Then I need to head to Vegas tout de suite.

I’ve won the new online order instrument lottery every time I’ve played. :money_mouth_face:

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That’s why I like the Chicago Music Exchange. I bought my Ibanez EHB1005sms in mint condition $350 off list. It was like new. Still had all the plastics. They advertised it as used.

I have no problem ordering a new instrument from them. I have two from them - Rascal and Mustang


Yep, they provide good products, service and a 10% discount on a first order.

They are also the biggest Sandberg dealer in the US. I think I read that they’re actually the official Sandberg distributor in America.

Gotta give a shout out to these awesome dudes 2 hours south of me. They’re one of the few bass-only stores I’ve ever encountered and they know their stuff. Their store is bass heaven.

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My go-to is still Grandey Bass in Ikebe Shibuya:

…though I bought my latest from Ikebe Rock House Ikebukuro.


I’ve bought from other chains here but they and Kurosawa have the best service IMO.


If you cropped the pic I would have assumed it was @Al1885’s shed.

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give him time

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