Best releases of 2023

Here we are again. What have been your favorites releases in 2023 ?

Here is my top 3 :

  1. Iron Buddha - Raze​/​/​Repose : some seriously brutal sludgecore. It’s very close to my dream band, exactly the kind of stuff I’d like to do if I ever find other people interested.
  1. They Watch Us From The Moon - Cosmic Chronicles: Act 1, The Ascension : really great stoner / space rock with two female singers. The production is really cool too, not complicated but it serves the music perfectly in my opinion.
  1. Weedcraft - Żur : some excellent instrumental stoner/doom from Poland. Nothing particularly original but it’s really well done. It’s an album I often listen to while driving.

So, what’s your favorites of 2023 ?


Just for a bit of counter-balance :smile:

This one is clearly a top contender for me:

This here as well (don’t have a link for the entire album):

And this one:


This is gonna be a bit random as I spent a lot of time listening to albums that came out late 2022. I’ll just drop the three from 2023 that I listened a lot to :sweat_smile:

The Ocean - Holocene

where mermaids drown - Reminisce

Hypno5e - Sheol


The Danae Macabre album by Duran Duran.

John a Taylor is a freakin’ good bassist and there are some great examples of his work on this album. A couple of the covers a bit ummm (Ghost Town really doesn’t work) but l love the reworking of some of their left material. overall. For me, it the album of the year, I think it’s great!


I feel bad about this but I didn’t really cover much new territory in 2023; I was focused on reissues and older stuff. Unusual for me but 2023 was kind of a year of looking back for me.


That’s not a problem really.

By the way, @howard , you should like @Krescht 's selection.


I always do :slight_smile:


The only new music I really listened to this year was Blink 182’s new album, which I thought was fantastic. But I just looked at a list of albums that came out that I need to listen to.


Brittany Howard. She’s an amazing talent, originally she headed Alabama Shakes.

I got to see her live at Bonnaroo with A.S., I was blown away. Singing and playing lead guitar.

This is her latest single:


3 - Lovebites adds a bassist.

Miho who founded the group, stepped away. Step in internet sensation Fami. And did she change the band or what. She is a beast on bass. and the whole band is lust looser and full of energy now. Wow.

They also dropped an album - Judgement day

2 Nemophila

They drop Seize the Fate, album, make it to the US. and Mayu has a baby. Screams or cleans, Mayu brings it.

1 - Babymetal

They dropped a new album, The Other One, an oblique reference to Yui who left the band. Admittedly the album was a mixed bag. But did give Monochrome

After retiring in 2021 they came back doing 94 shows on all continents. I say that because Japanese bands often do “world tours” of just a few shows.

Honorable mention - Maneskin for proving rock ain’t dead and a bassline can be relatively simple and on a short scale. Victoria DeAngelis on her Danelctro


Yep, thought the same going through the list of releases for 2023…
So much music, so little time :cry:

I love me some John Taylor! :star_struck:
Really digging that album, “Black Moonlight” has me dancing every time I listen to it!

On another note, Cory Wong’s new album “The Lucky One” is exceptional. He is a great producer along with being one of the most funky guitar players on earth. If he isn’t playing bass himself (yes he also plays bass!) he hires top notch bassists.

I love his behind the scenes stuff too!
Listen closely to the bass here:


Saw The Ocean in Toronto years ago.

Love their music and concept!

Great band live - very humble and friendly!


They will be touring North America in February and March :wink:

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I discovered Laufey in 2023! Was hoping to see her live in 2024 but oh boy the ticket prices are stupidly expensive…

I really enjoy her new album. Haunted & Misty are especially good. Aside from From the Start of course, love that bossa nova feel.

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Hopefully the come to Vancouver.

I saw them at a metal festival and the main reason I went was to see Animals as Leaders but The Ocean was awesome!

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