Best tool to easily make tabs

Hey all I hope this is the correct forum.
I have a few songs that I managed only to find notes that I want to transcribe to tabs for myself. What is the best tool to use it? The desired outcome should be uploadable to guitar pro which I use daily.
Is it Tuxguitar?

Thank you!


Guitar pro 8 is probably the best one. Since you are already familiar with GP it’s even easier.


Absolutely! :+1:

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Thank you ! Will use GP

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Yeah, definitely Guitar Pro. You can print out just the tab or the tab with a bass clef. I do the latter which allows me to read standard notation rhythm with tab.


Musescore does TAB and standard notation for zero dollars. I use it all the time for quik training exercises. You can pay a small subscription (I do) to support the software.


Guitar Pro 8, this app allows you to add audio tracks, then transcribe the song easily.


Guitar Pro 8 is the most used, as you can tell from the responses here. Musescore is a free option, as is Dorico SE, the free Student Edition version of the full-fat Dorico app, mainly used by composers for orchestra.

I mention Dorico because it’s the only one that actually does real-time transcription of your playing via a MIDI keyboard. This is a massive time saver, especially when you’ve got to notate a lot of syncopated parts.

I will usually start my transcription in Dorico, export the Dorico file as a MIDI file, then import the MIDI file into Guitar Pro 8 for final finessing. Guitar Pro has more purpose-built tools for guitar and bass than the other notation software.


@micklerd - very cool!

Can you also advise on a very very very very cheap & OK MIDI keyboard.

Anyone, Bueller? @howard ?

My personal recommendation would be the Arturia KeyLab Essential mk3 — 49 Key USB MIDI Keyboard Controller ($219 USD/€240 EUR), which comes bundled with Arturia’s Lab V software. The Lab V software is a collection of presets of classic synthesizer sounds. Fantastic value for money.

If you don’t need a keyboard for any purpose but transcription, the Akai Professional MPK Mini MKIII ($99 USD/€86 EUR) will probably be enough for your needs. It’s a high-quality keyboard and a favorite among beatmakers.

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Thanks @micklerd - cheaper is better as I don’t want to invest too much in anything that does not have strings ^^

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I’m a huge fan of Arturia but they aren’t cheap. Novation makes great stuff too.

For inexpensive, the Korg and Akai boards like @micklerd mentioned are well made and good bets. And yeah, unless you’re a full-size keys bigot like me, mini-keys should work for you just fine and are much cheaper.