Beware of UPS when selling on Reverb

Here is something I never had dreamed could happen, but it did and I want to warn everyone about it…

On September 18th, which is a little over a month ago, I sold a bass and case on Reverb, and shipped it via UPS to the buyer. I used Reverb to purchase the shipping label, and the amount was deducted from my proceeds as normal. I used a guitar shipping box that I had purchased from Reverb and noted the exact dimensions of the box when ordering the label. After packing the bass and the case inside the box I weighed it using a certified airline baggage scale, and the weight was 27.2 lbs. This makes sense, since the bass weighs a little under 10 lbs. and with the case, packing material, and box, 27.2 lbs. seems likely. I was charged for a shipping size of 52"x20"x8" and a weight of 27.2 lbs. The buyer received the item, I got paid, and all is good.
Until today…
I received a notice from Reverb that UPS is back charging me because the box was actually 52x20x10 and the weight was 53 lbs. rather than 27.2!!!
How could this be? Did the box grow in transit? Did it double in weight? How could an instrument that weighs less than 10 lbs. be 53 lbs. in the case? Is this a bullet proof case made out of solid steel weighing 40 lbs?
I contacted Reverb support, and fortunately they waived the back charge and said they would address it with UPS, for which I am grateful. But this is quite alarming.
My suggestion for everyone is to keep a record of the weight when you drop off at the UPS store and make sure they weigh it and note the weight on your receipt. The proposed back charge was not a tremendous amount, but its the principal of the thing. This makes me wonder how often UPS does this and gets away without the shipper fussing about it like I did.
Be wary!


ugh, that sucks!

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Ouch! UPS did that to me before by a few inches but not the weight. After a few times I now put in extra 10 lbs and an Inch more each side just to be sure because at that size the weight doesn’t really matter.


Wow, I had a similar (but worse) thing happen. I sold a limited edition EBMM Stingray Special to a guy in Arizona through Reverb. Did the same as you, bought the shipping label from Reverb, used my boxes/packing material from a previous Sweetwater purchase, boxed, measured, weighed, and dropped off at a UPS location.

I tracked the package after it was entered into their system, and it was sheduled to be shipped to the buyer the following Friday. Friday morning I tracked again, and it was on the truck for delivery.

Tuesday, the buyer contacted me that he never received. Online tracking said there was a problem with the address, and the delivery would be reattempted. By the following Friday, the buyer still hadn’t received the bass. He actually went down to the distribution center and walked around with the UPS manager to see if the package was misplaced. The package was never found.

Buyer reported to Reverb, who did an investigation and concluded it was lost in transit. They reimbursed the buyer, and I was able to keep my earnings minus Reverb and shipping fees. It stinks that a limited edition was lost/stolen, but here is the kicker. Two weeks later I received an additional charge from Reverb for UPS shipping, saying that the packaged weighed more than was reported!!! UPS never delivered the package, and were still trying to get additional fees!!! I say you are right @PamPurrs , be wary!


What?? Wow! That sucks. @AnotherJosh.

Yesterday there’s a guy came in the the restaurant before noon he’s wearing an Amazon shirt. He said I just finished my route and I have an extra apple airpod pro if I want to buy it. I brushed him off. It’s either he’s a thief or a fake.


That’s recockulous.

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Sounds like it was double weighed somewhere along the line. .