Bias FX 2 Standard - Free for next 11hrs only (ended)

Limited 24hr only sale, already 13hrs in.


Thanks @iDuncan!

I didn’t look into what it actually does and probably won’t get around to installing it for a while… but free is free. :smiley:

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Sure is, “free” is one of my favourite words :sunglasses:

It’s amp modelling and effects software. Grabbed it myself and look forward to trying it.


Cool @iDuncan I love positive grid, just bought it for $0. Cool.

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Hey @iDuncan top man thank you. Just downloaded it. Set it up and pulled my Shijie Strat copy off the wall. It’s been months since i played it.

Picked a clean preset and a random backing track from YouTube. Boomer bends ahoy!


The sheer look of joy is priceless @Barney. Happy to share the good will of Positive Grid. Looks like exactly what they were going for with the giveaway :sunglasses:

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Just got it with only 3 minutes left on the timer :sweat_smile:

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Nice work mate :+1:

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Freebie over folks.

That’s the joy of still being able to remember the five positions of the pentatonic scale :sunglasses:


Just to clarify, is this desktop and laptop only and not for ios?

There’s three big packages that people usually recommend for amp sims - Bias FX, Amplitube, and GuitarRig - you guys lucked out to get this for free, Positive Grid is awesome. This is professional level software.

You can actually just sell your amps now, you’ll get better results with this for recording purposes :rofl:

(not even joking - it will be easier and better than miked amps).

Next up, get their Bass Signature Pack.


I don’t get to use my guitar amp much and my bass amp is a Rumble 15 from a starter pack so good to hear this.

Might have to buy some decent monitors.

I started another post about Amplitube Max on special for $99 which I might still get. Think the sale ends in a week.

Oh, and the bass expansion pack is $55 at the moment. Guessing that doesn’t come with the Pro or Elite version?

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I have this and it is fantastic.


I went to d/l bias FX a couple of days ago and while the page told me the free deal was still on, it wouldn’t take the code for it to be free… oh well, i have Amplitube 5 max and guitar rig already and a bunch of other stuff I don’t use and haven’t even tried yet so it just saved me some bit clutter :laughing:

I started off my amp sim journey with Biax FX about 6 years ago and prefer Amplitube

Instead of buying plugins, my “new way” to spend money lately is buying courses on Udemy :joy: