Billie Jean's not my girl... but her riff is

Super pumped that I just got through the fast workout. Wow was that intense. This was the first thing that took actual practice outside the lessons, but it was worth it. My left forearm burns with a happy burn.

Keeping bassing everybody!


We’ll add your name to the Billie Jean statue out behind the student lounge.


On it now - and even as an experienced guitarist turned newbie bass player, its a bit challenging. Definitely the first real challenge in the course. Having fun with it. Congrats on getting it down! :partying_face:


I also came from guitar to bass. So when I learned how physical my playing had to be on bass was the day I became a better bassist.

Or… at least one with more character in my tone when playing. I never looked back the day I bullied that bass. Now I demand his lunch money every time I play.

I now have 3 cents but that’s because going past the first 5 frets makes you count on your fingers like a toddler and I’d rather be able to count fluently. :woozy_face:

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It’s a song later on in the #50-songs-challenge too. Going to be a finger burner to play the entire song!


I remember getting really frustrated with the fast workout on this song when I first made an attempt at it earlier in the course, and I too wasn’t exactly new to playing. It was the last thing I did before my bedtime routine that night, and the first thing I attempted practicing the next morning. For whatever reason, sleeping on it made a huge difference.

Now, a lot like @PamPurrs, its found its way into my warm-up routine several weeks later. For anyone brave enough to learn it, I promise you can do it! Never give up!


Here’s Charles crushing us all at this song :laughing:


Love this :heart:

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Whew! He made it by .03 seconds! He had me worried, there near the end. :open_mouth: :wink: