Billing Plans

Hello there, just want to say that your billing plan options are really great and goes to show how considerate you are about your fellow bass padawans. I am an engineering student and couldn’t continue my monthly payment for financial reasons so, sadly, I had to cancel my subscription. Now I got a job and I’m able to continue my plan where I left of with the remaining payments. 0% greed and 100% awesomeness. Thank you for this.


@Tzourosaur Welcome to BassBuzz!

Yep, that @JoshFossgreen is pretty good guy. Investing in the B2B course was the best decision I’ve ever made for my playing.


This is amazing!! I got a work bonus that went right towards paying it in one shot so I didn’t know this option existed, but such a great thing to know! Especially as I’ve been telling everyone I know about this course lol

Happy to have you back!

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